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Moroccan Luxury Interior Design

The Moroccan style is instantly recognisable, exhibiting luxurious materials with intricate detailing to create spaces, rich in luxury, often with beautiful connections to nature. Many of the current trends and styles have been inspired by this amazing rich culture. We can see the patterns subtly transferred onto hand made tiles, home accessories, lanterns and even fabrics used for bedding, cushions and throws. Below, I suggest simples ways to recreate and apply a contemporary Moroccan style within your home. 

Moroccan colour selection for home decoration

Selection of colour is incredibly important when looking to create the Moroccan style. Whilst many traditional interiors can be seen to use dark and rich colours, I have selected a light pastel colour palette to keep things contemporary, simple and light. All the paint colours selected have been chosen from the Sanderson colour collection. 

Moroccan inspired furniture designs luxury sofa and lounge chair designs

The centrepiece to the living space, somewhere to sit back, relax and socialise. Many Moroccan interiors feature a large sofa or lounge chair, upholstered in a luxurious yet simple coloured fabric. The clean lines and plain fabrics allow the chair to be dressed up with extravagant cushions and throws. I have selected three different structured sofas designs from Lombok, Luxdeco and Dom Edizoni to show variations that suit the style, all very easy to dress up. 

Moroccan lighting designs interior design inspiration

Nobody does lighting quite like Morocco. This is an area of design where you can be as adventurous and expressive as you wish to achieve the desired look and feel. Lighting predominantly has a grand and oversized presence within a space, everything from the finely detailed lanterns that cast beautiful patterns across a room of a large sculptural pendant light, creating a focal point within a space. I have selected lighting designs from Moroccan Bazaar, Anthropologie, Guinevere, Broste Freb and Lombok to represent the intricate beauty of traditional Moroccan design whilst allowing the space to remain contemporary. 

Moroccan decorating ideas and inspiration material selection

There is such a wide variety of materials, fabrics and finishes to choose from, which can make the selecting process quite difficult. Whilst this is a style that can look fantastic with multiple layers, colours and patterns, it can be overdone. I would recommend choosing a limited range of patterns and materials to work with and then add to this once you have the overall feel of the room. Materials that I feel compliment this beautiful style are velvets and velours for upholstery to add that welcoming comfort, monochromatic patterned fabrics for accessories to add a depth and character, luxury tanned leathers for feature chairs, antique brass finishes for fixtures and finishings with the classic Moroccan tiles to complete the look. 

Luxury Moroccan home accessories ideas and inspiration for the home

It would be impossible to write a Moroccan inspiration feature without mentioning the iconic Moroccan tea sets that everyone talks about so fondly. Not only is it the best way to enjoy tea throughout the day, these sets make stunning features, in or out of use. My top accessory selections come from Arabian Crafts, Lombok, Liberty of London, Evitavonni, Society6 and Moroccan Bazaar. Similar to the lighting, accessories are the best and easiest way to dress up a room. Layering of fabrics and prints is extremely popular at the moment and is a brilliant way to customise and create a centrepiece in the home. 

Moroccan tile design inspiration for the home

We are seeing Moroccan inspired tiles everywhere at the moment. Many companies are producing hand painted tiles that replicate the mesmerising presence of the classic tile and I can understand why. There are many styles and patterns associated with this look, ranging from simplified and subtle to detailed and vibrant finishes. The selection of tile will depend on many factors including the size and use of the space, the area that is being tiled and the level of detail that you are looking to produce. Personal favourites of mine have been selected from Bisazza, V&A, Baked Tile Company and 

Moroccan interior design inspiration mood board

Luxury Moroccan mood board inspiration. All images discovered from Pinterest unless otherwise stated.

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