Interior Styling: Designed at Talisman

During the 2017 London Design Festival, Martyn White Designs was invited to take part in a design project with seven other designers, each with a unique background and area of expertise. The task was to design and style a space in the Talisman showroom that would become a room in a house. Using majority Talisman products, each designer created a space that represented their own unique style and personality for the public to explore during the Design week and beyond. 

The room created was an Art Deco-inspired cocktail lounge, one that blurs the boundaries of home entertainment and a luxurious evening at a boutique lounge. See below some of the images from the style room.

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Martyn White Designs creates a bar space for Designed at Talisman

The cocktail lounge centred around a purple upholstered bar that has been backed by two impressive art deco grey doors. The space echoed purple and grey tones, creating a dark and dramatic atmosphere, one that is perfect for a bar and lounge area. Sitting back in the dark grey upholstered chairs, guests were able to become part of the space, socialising and enjoying each others company with the perfect amount of privacy whilst still being connected to the room.

Designed at Talisman Style Spaces

Displays and beautiful vintage pieces were displayed across the entire design, telling a story and giving visitors so much to absorb whilst enjoying the lounge. A large orange and silver screen and silver and tall silver bird sculpture become the central focus of one wall whilst another is filled with silver framed oval shaped mirrors to reflect the shapes and patterns of the bar. The final wall is a series of glass shelves displaying lucite decanters and silver art deco cars, enabling guests to gravitate towards an area of their interest. 

For further information on the style space or to discuss future design and style projects, contact Martyn White Designs via the Contact section of the website. 

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