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New Art Deco Interior Design

Popular between the 1920's - 1940's, Art Deco was known for its eclectic luxurious style, combining traditional crafts with the modern machine age. Using rich colours with bold geometric shapes, Art Deco is one of the most recognised and influential style periods inspiring many designs and styles even to this day. There have been many variations and spins on the style, resulting in some incredible pieces but it is only now that we are starting to see more interiors and spaces take on the full style in its evolved form, commonly referred to as New Art Deco or Modern Art Deco. 

Modern Art Deco Colour Selection Art Deco Paint inspiration

The classic Art Deco interior commonly featured jet black detailing contrasting against white surfaces with a vibrant injection of colour such as orange or red to finish the space. The new take on this design sees the use of a muted colour palette, creating a more relaxing environment. Jet black remains prominent throughout the design however the vibrant colours have been exchanged with softer tones such as light pinks, purples and even turquoise. New Art Deco has a colour pallet that compliments each other to create the finished style rather than each colour working for itself. 

Modern Art Deco Style arm chair and feature chair furniture inspiration

When it comes to feature chairs, we are seeing fully upholstered designs with reference to the classic shapes and geometric forms. New Art Deco strips back the detailing and softens the presence. There is a lot less focus on glossy woods and defined lines and more of a direction towards curvature, soft upholstery and brass details. Feature chairs are the perfect pieces of furniture to add colour and style to a space. Modern Art Deco Table Lamp and Lighting Inspiration. Luxury Modern Art Deco Lighting Style

Lighting is another fantastic way to add character and charm to a space. As with the feature chairs, heavy detail has been stripped back leaving the focus on the, material and quality of the lamp. There is a move away from textured glass shades and sconces, these are being replaced with solid blocks of colour for the shades, perfect for highlighting the feature colour. Glass is still being used within lighting but we are seeing it take on new forms and uses, especially within the lamp bases, creating sculptural and elegant forms. 


Modern Art Deco sofa furniture interior design inspiration

Large, simple and structured sofas are the way forward for New Art Deco design. Usually the largest item in the space, it is best to pick a sofa that has clean lines and a soft subtle fabric so it can be dressed up with accessories and its surroundings. Remember that the sofa will be complimented by the detail and form of the feature chairs so keep in mind how they will work together. Whilst fabrics on the sofa should remain simple, using the cushions to pick up on the feature chairs and surrounding colours is a simple and effective way to link these items of furniture together. 

Moder Art Deco Materials Style inspiration. Interior Design inspiration New Art Deco

Whilst classic Art Deco focused heavily on glossy woods, beautiful grains and eye catching colours, New Art Deco simplifies this. Wood is used considerably less but we are seeing less gloss and darker shades on any that has been used. The incorporation of brass into the style is the biggest change as it rises in popularity across the decor world. Soft velours for upholstery, coloured feature fabrics for accessories and light textured wallpapers are also the perfect choice to create this luxurious style. 

Modern Art Deco luxury home accessories

In true Art Deco style, accessories are where you can demonstrate opulence, luxury and extravagance. These characterful pieces are the beautiful finishing touches to the space that add its character and it is where you can be as daring and striking as you like. The modern twist of brass is what defines the new style from the old but it still follows the same rules that sets this style period out from the rest. Whether it is mirrors, sculptures, vases or bowls, aim to stand out and add dramatic form to the interior. 

Modern Art Deco decoration style and inspiration mood board interior design

New Art Deco mood board inspiration. All images discovered from Pinterest unless otherwise stated.

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