Inspiration: Hamptons New Coastal

The laid-back Hamptons coastal style is instantly recognisable and has been a focus of attention for many years as people try to replicate the luxury lifestyle and finesse often associated with the look. The clean lines, cool hues and material selection give the impression of effortless glamour but the style is much harder to replicate than you would imagine. The main difficulty with this type of design is it is heavily reliant on the frame of the building itself. Unless you have an East Coast home to work with, this look is one to inspire an interior design rather than replicate it. Explore the selection of key luxury pieces and finishes below that can give you an insight into what makes the perfect Hamptons New Coastal design. 

New Hamptons Coastal Colour Interior Design inspiration

All paint colours have been selected from Fired Earth. From left to right: Carbon Blue, Dowager, Garden Folly, Silica White and Bamiyan Blue. 

The first thing that comes to mind with the Hamptons Coastal style is its clean and fresh colour pallet. It can be quite daunting to selecting such a 'cool' colour scheme for the home but, when it is done correctly, an interior will not feel chilly as many fear. The room will feel fresh, homely and welcoming, the way that the Hamptons does it best. The classic look keeps the walls white and accessorises with colours through upholstery, rugs, accessories and lighting. The colour pallet from Fired Earth has been selected with the warmer variations in mind. The 'Silica White' is slightly darker than pure, containing a comforting grey. This has been complemented with the use of two darker grey tones, 'Garden Folly' the lighter of the two that is ideal for depth that can be used in curtains and light accessories, even on select walls. 'Dowager' is the darkest grey which is perfect for drawing attention, creating layering and features. It can be used for anything from painting any alcoves, internal sections of display fireplaces and in fabrics to contrast with the lighter tones. Our final two colours are where the fun can be had, the lighter 'Bamiyan Blue' is the statement colour for fine accessories, fabric prints and artwork whilst the richer 'Carbon Blue' supports the statement colour and is ideal for breaking up multiple patterns and textures. 

Hamptons New Coastal Interior Design Inspiration

Clockwise from top left: Talisman - Karl Springer attributed tessellated horn table lamp, Timothy Oulton - Gyro crystal chandelier, Old School Electric - Industrial wall light, Eichholtz Chandelier Bermude. 

Lighting is one of the most dominant features of a Hamptons interior, often being the first thing you see as you walk into a room. Whilst the styles can be quite varied, it is important to work with the correct sizing. If you are lucky enough to be working with a large space or double height interior, big is best. There is no definitive style of light that should be used but a favourite is the grand chandelier, represented in the selection with the Timothy Oulton 'Gyro' design, created to be the centre of attention. Hamptons is not about going over the top, it is about making the most from the items you have so each product and design should emphasise the beauty of the material it has been constructed in and the fine craft that has gone into its design. the Talisman 'Karl Springer' table lamp has a simple form but expresses itself through the use of tesselated horn veneer. Old School Electric goes back to basic with an exposed industrial style wall light, great for smaller spaces and a wonderful way to use vintage style bulbs to create an additional layer of drama. If chandeliers are a little bit too extravagant, Hamptons New Coastal can easily be adapted for a contemporary feel with the use of an impressive modern lighting design such as the Eicholtz 'Bermude' design.

New Hamptons Coastal Material Inspiration

Materials from left to right: dark wood, white linen, woven seagrass, white painted wood weathered, black matt metal finish

Materials are key when it comes to creating the perfect Hamptons look. With such light interiors, dark woods are a great way to draw attention to select furniture pieces such as a coffee table or sideboard. Paired with white painted and weathered woods, it is about directing the eye around an interior and breaking up sections to create a lived in and homely look. Many materials in this style will be selected with a reference to the coast, from woven seagrass that creates beautiful and durable rug designs to light linens that can be used in upholstery and curtains. For a contemporary finish, matt black metal wins every time. Used to coat furniture legs, fixtures, fittings and even lighting, dark metal finishes will ensure a defining look. Whilst chrome and stainless steel can be used, it is best to avoid highly reflective materials that pick up and reflect colours in the room as they can make a space appear cooler. Non-reflective surfaces help to split colours giving a greater overall aesthetic to the Hamptons New Coastal style.

New Hamptons Coastal Interior Design Accessories

Clockwise from top left: Garden Trading - Tapered log basket, Newgate - Number one Italian wall clock, A by Amara - Siberite handmade hurricane, Eichholtz - Hurricane Vanini, Diane James / Luxdeco - Small mixed bouquet, John-Richard - Brutalist world in a string. 

Accessories continue the coastal reference in greater detail. There are no rules when it comes to selecting pieces as it comes down to personal preference, showcasing your own personality and loves. Whilst keeping to a coastal theme, accessories selected above range from the classic storm lanterns and candle holders to more unique and sculptural designs such as the incredible John-Richard 'Brutalist World in a String' which has a subtle navigational reference. The 'Tapered Log Basket' from Garden Trading and the 'Italian Wall Clock' also contain subtle coastal references associated with Hamptons living. As with any interior design, it is important to consider house plants and floral displays within the overall scheme. For those with green thumbs, Fiddle Leaf Figs are an excellent and incredibly popular choice for the time. People less inclined to plant care may want to take the safer option of fake florals and foliage with the excellent selection of realistic products on the market at the moment including the 'Small Mixed Bouquet' available from Luxdeco. 

Hamptons New Coastal Seating and furniture inspiration

Clockwise from top left: LINLEY - Wesselton Chair, Stuart Scott - The Sartor Chair and Minotti - Anderson Rodolfo Dordoni Design.

An unwritten rule that you may notice in many East Coast interiors is the one sofa and two armchairs look. Whilst researching the design, this trend pops up time and time again. This format is not a necessity and some interiors simply will not work with this specific layout of furniture but it is apparent that many designers are following this trend. Miss-matching is best when considering a sofa and armchair combination. The sofa should be kept simple, upholstered in a light fabric that allows the dressing and accessorising to be made with a series of patterned and plain cushions. Personality and pattern can be injected with the use of the armchairs, upholstered in fabrics that reflect the eccentricity of the feature cushions on the sofa is an easy way to connect the different pieces. The Minotti 'Anderson' sofa is an excellent choice when it comes to accessorising and changing styles. For those looking for striking character pieces, the LINLEY 'Wesselton' chair will immediately grab attention whilst the Stuart Scott 'Sartor' chair is a wonderful design for colour referencing with other textiles and prints.

Hamptons Interior Design Inspiration

Whatever the style, it is important to remember that it is your home and any interior design is about reflecting your own personality. Select items and objects that you feel comfortable with, showcase pieces that you love and items that say something about yourself. It is when an interior is replicated that it begins to fail. Use beautiful styles and trends as a source of inspiration and then make it your own. Personality goes a long way and there is nothing better than a 'home' rather than a house. 

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