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British Eccentric, sometimes referred to as English Eccentric is a very striking and eclectic style in reference to characterful British furniture designs, a rich colour palette and combination of luxurious materials. One of the best things about the designs is that, whilst it looks complicated, it is a style that you cannot go wrong with. Contemporary products can easily be mixed with antique pieces to create a unique design, tailored to your take on all things British. In this inspiration article, I select the brands and furniture that I feel are perfect to create that eccentric style. 

Classic British design inspiration British Eccentric Home Decorating

As you would expect, British Eccentric style is very patriotic, exhibiting cultural traits and humour. Colour plays an important roll within the design, not only flying the flag but adding a richness and depth that you come to expect with traditional British design. Red white and blue feature quite prominently within the upholstery and fabric of the room but the walls themselves are usually a dark colour such as grey or black to act as a clear canvas and visual divide for the many items that fill the room. I have selected my colour palette from Craig & Rose. Not only are their colours perfect for this eccentric style, they have a strong British history, a perfect reference for this design.

English Eccentric Armchairs and Feature Chair inspiration

Arm chairs are incredibly important for this style, the first thing I think of with classic British design is that characterful arm chair in the drawing room, surrounded by beautiful tokens and grand accessories. The arm chair will become a focal point to the room and needs to have that grand essence about itself. Classic styles such as traditional tanned leathers that you can see in my selection from Eichholtz and Timothy Oulton are an incredibly popular choice however the reverse can also work perfectly such as the Aston chair from LINLEY with its defined shape and curved arms.  

English Eccentric lighting inspiration traditional British style lighting

As mentioned before, there are no rules just guidelines when it comes to the eccentric style. You can be as daring as you like by combining multiple styles, materials and colours or take a more formulated approach and limit the vast selection available. Lighting is a great place to experiment as there is so much choice on offer. Whilst I recommend using traditional lighting styles, contemporary takes such as the stage light from Lombok will also work perfectly. I have selected different styles from Timothy Oulton, Villaverde and Eichholtz to show you just how different styles can work incredibly well with each other.  

Classic British Home Decoration Materials and Textures

The materials used within the space connect everything together, complete the look and finish. An eccentric style can be difficult to create as you can end up with too much going on, leaving the space looking cluttered rather than complete. British eccentric tends to suite either worn stainless steel or brass. I would recommend using one or the other as combining both can over power a room and make your selections look messy rather than curated, which is the hidden success of the style. I have selected tanned leathers, worn steel, dark woods, rich fabrics and crystals for my selection process. By selecting particular materials to work with will allow the room to flow and connect each item to one another. 

English Eccentric style home accessory ideas and inspiration

Accessories is where the real fun begins. British eccentricity is famed for its toungue-in-cheek attitude and the perfect accessory selection is key to the design's success. My selection has been inspired from British tradition and values such as horse riding, hunting and navigation. Brands I have included are Pavilion Broadway, Timothy Oulton, L'Objet, LINLEY and Flamant to represent the best of British but each selection should be personal to you. 

English eccentric style chests and trunks vintage chests and trunks

Our styled space would be incomplete without a vintage chest or trunk to perfect the look. Not only do these items add a vintage charm to a room, they make fantastic storage spaces for items that you do not want on display but need in your life. I have selected three different styles of chests / trunks to give you an example of the beautiful designs that are available. A true staple for any Timothy Oulton design, I had to include the Stonyhurst chest. A more formal choice is the beautiful Kennedy Military chest whilst the true classic has to be the Louis Vutton Steamer trunk from Bentleys

English Eccentric home decorating inspiration moodboard

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