Dar Jaguar, Marrakech: The Riad

Martyn White

Posted on October 31 2016

Nestled in the heart of Marrakech is the Dar Jaguar Riad, a peaceful and relaxing oasis away from the characterful streets of the Medina.  

There is something about Marrakech that instantly lures you in. A beautiful and rich culture with the ability to test each one of your senses to new extremes. It has been a dream of mine to visit this incredible city for as far back as I can recollect. Moroccan design has always mesmerised me with its intricacies and craftsmanship, detail, unlike anything I have experienced before. It was earlier this year that my dream finally came true and I was invited by Lucia Silver to stay at her breathtaking Riad, Dar Jaguar located in the very heart of the Medina, surrounded by the iconic souks. 

Moroccan Riad courtyard in Marrakech with central fountain filled with rosesMoroccan fountain filled with red roses in MarrakechMoroccan fountain filled with red roses Dar Jaguar Marrakech

Making your way through the maze of winding streets, you are greeted by new spices, carvings and ceramics upon every turn. With limited signage and ever narrow streets, you experience first-hand just how easy it is to get lost, attempting to memorising every turn you make. After a while, you learn to let go and take the city as it comes, appreciating each street at a time. Upon arrival to the riad, I remember staring up at the thin line of blue sky trapped between the tall fortified terracotta walls of the surrounding buildings, overwhelmed by this new world I had just experienced. As the wooden door to Dar Jaguar opened, I was about to step into an entirely new one. 

Moroccan Riad with plunge pool and Syrian chandeliers Moroccan roses on display at Dar Jaguar MarrakechSyrian brass chandelier with beaded detailing

Stepping into the Riad, you are transported into a world of calm. As the door closes behind, it cuts out the hustle and bustle of the surrounding streets of the medina, introducing you to tranquil sounds of birds chirping and the gentle trickling of the fountain from the courtyard. Greeted with a cup of Moroccan tea served in an iconic teapot, it was my chance to wind down and appreciate the moment before having a touring the hotel. 

Breakfast on the rooftop in Marrakech Dar Jaguar RiadBreakfast on the rooftop of a Moroccan RiadRooftops of Marrakech

Set out on three floors as with many traditional riad designs, Dar Jaguar is a luxury five-suite boutique hotel with a difference. Entranced by the city’s mystery, romance and exoticism, Lucia Silver has created a design that balances traditional Moroccan values with a touch of European enchantment to create a captivating and lavish space, the perfect romantic setting for those looking to embrace the city and all of its charm. 

Syrian table lamp against leopard print wallpaper at Dar Jaguartraditional Moroccan lanterns against leopard print wallpaper Dar Jaguar hotel design with Leopard print wallpaper

Each room has been designed to exhibit unique characteristics and an individual style. Located around the courtyard, the views of the central rose filled fountain can be viewed almost anywhere in the riad. Surrounded by four palms and floral plants, the courtyard is the place to cool off, enjoy refreshments or take a dip in the plunge pool. For sun worshipers such as myself, it was straight up to the roof on the third floor to admire the view across the Red City whilst enjoying a refreshing drink on the lounge chairs. 

The level of detail seen throughout Dar Jaguar is incredibly impressive. There are hidden treasures ready to be discovered around every corner, behind every door. It is the personal touch and choice of items used such as the beaded Syrian chandeliers on the first floor, leopard print wallpaper and vintage artefacts in the entrance hall and trinket box accessories displayed in the suites that set this boutique hotel above the rest. Whilst many hotels display a blank and soulless canvas, Dar Jaguar sets the scene for guests to expand on a beautifully curated fairytale, ready to be re-written by each guest that stays. 

For further details on the hotel, visit the official DarJaguar website. 

Photography: Martyn White


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