Dar Jaguar, Marrakech: The Roof Terrace

Martyn White

Posted on November 22 2016

Elevated up and above the city, guests can absorb the noises of nature and the beauty of this historic paradise. Explore the multiple levels of the roof terrace.

One of the many beautiful features of the Dar Jaguar Riad in Marrakech is the incredible roof terrace, overlooking the endless winding streets and great clusters of buildings across the Medina. Covering the entirety of the Riad's footprint on four sides, the terrace has a perfect spot for everyone to enjoy from waking up in the morning, taking in the view and fresh air to soaking up the sun rays or even enjoying a cocktail and watching the sunset. The terrace was my favourite way of taking in the city and appreciating the surroundings. 

Breakfast in the roof at Dar Jaguar boutique hotel Marrakech Boutique hotel Marrakech roof terraceViews across the rooftops of Marrakech Dar Jaguar Boutique Hotel Marrakech

Walking out onto the terrace is often the first time that guests get to see the Red city from an incredible new perspective. After making your way to the Riad through the narrow and winding streets of the Medina, it can be a shock to the senses to be greeted by the heat of the sun, birds singing and breathtaking views across the rooftops of Marrakech. Staring out across the Medina in the heat of the sun, it was a view that I will never forget, one that I hope to experience many times in my life. 

Moroccan brass lantern on the rooftop of boutique hotel Dar JaguarRooftop plants at luxury boutique Moroccan hotel Dar JaguarPink and purple Moroccan flowers on the rooftop of Dar Jaguar

Divided into four levels, the highest part of the terrace is located directly above the State of Grace Royal suite. This area is perfect for soaking up the sun on the comfortable sun loungers or relaxing on the soft sofas. If the sun gets a little too hot to handle, a covered seating area on the lower level will keep you shaded whilst guests can appreciate the surrounding sounds of the city. The opposite side contains an iron and glass table situated next to a mirrored wall. This is the perfect location for fresh morning breakfasts and candlelit evening meals. The final side contains an open space allowing you to look down to the courtyard, through the swaying palms and appreciate the grand scale of the Riad whilst listening to the echoing trickles of the courtyard's fountain.

Moroccan Mosque sunset Marrakech Sunset from the rooftops of MarrakechNight time on the roof of Dar Jaguar Marrakech

As the sun started to set and the birds circle around the city, calling to one another, there was a moment in time, almost magical that I managed to capture on video. I have heard many stories and experiences about the call to prayer in Marrakech but it is something that you have to experience in person to understand its true power. Whilst call to prayer is usual and everyday occurrence for countries of Islam, to hear the calls for the first time, standing above the city sent chills through my spine. The city moves with the power of song, chanting and prayer, made even more magical by the complimenting songs of the birds in the evening. 

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Photography: Martyn White


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