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Martyn White

Posted on May 09 2016

The beautiful city of Florence, Italy. Discover the sights, architecture, culture and shops during a short city break with furniture and designer brand 'Silia'

For those of you that follow me on social media or have recently seen my blog, I am sure that you are already aware that I was given the incredible opportunity to discover Florence and the craftsmanship behind one of Italy's finest contemporary luxury brand, Silia. Whilst the visit was short, it opened up my world to the Florentine craft and helped me understand the extreme amount of work, design and talent that goes on behind the scenes that many of us will never get to truly appreciate. 

Architecture of Florence on Martyn White's visit to the medieval Italian city

On my journey into central Florence, I feel as if I was transported into another world. The beauty and tradition of this impressive city surround you and every turn of every medieval street unveils something just as spectacular as the next. I arrived at the Palazzo del Marchese di Camugliano, the luxurious hotel that I stayed at during my visit to the city and I had never seen or experienced anything like it. Nestled away in the winding medieval streets of central Florence, you barely notice just what is concealed behind the walls in front of you. As soon as you walk into the building, it's impressive and grand presence is exposed and it takes your breath away. 

Luxury Florentine Hotel in the centre of Florence converted mansion

The suite had so much character about it with double height ceilings, contemporary lighting and a bathroom clad almost entirely in beautiful marble. As soon as I was settled and unpacked it was time to make my way with Grant from Interior Style Hunter to meet Ilaria, creative director of Silia to show us the crafts and workshops that she used around Florence to create and perfect the luxury designs for her brand. Click to view the accompanying article "Silia: Journey of a Luxury Brand" to view my tour of the workshops and discover the craftsmanship and traditional influence of the brand. 

Cathedral in Florence Italy

Fine craftsmanship and design can be seen throughout the city and across the landmarks, architecture and shops. I could not visit Florence without taking some time to see one of the city's most prominent icons, The Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore in all of its glory. As you can see from the images above, the detail, design and skill to create this cathedral phenomenal, making it the perfect example of just what Florence has to offer to the world in arts and culture. 

Luxury furniture store in Florence Italy called Flair

The final place of discovery that I wanted to share with you from my visit was Flair, a luxury store like no other. I could have spent weeks in the shop, looking at the beautiful materials and striking designs of every piece of furniture on display. It was great to see Silia products on display, the final journey of the detailed construction process before each design makes its way into the home, where they were destined to be. Understanding the story or tradition and craftsmanship behind all of these products makes you appreciate the true beauty of the design, one that I will never forget and one that I hope I have been able to share with you. 

Click to view the accompanying article: "Silia: Journey of a Luxury Brand" to discover my journey around the workshops that Silia uses to create its luxurious products.

Lilia luxury Italian design


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