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Martyn White

Posted on March 07 2017

Discover the fragrance that suits your taste, style and skin. Experimental Perfume Club helps participants in a range of courses to understand the levels of fragrance.

Being a massive perfume obsessive and having lost my sense of smell temporarily during my early teens, fragrance is incredibly important to me, in the home and on our skin. The scents that we choose to surround ourselves with can say a lot about our personality and have an effect on the way that others respond to us. Whilst many of the fragrances we wear have already been pre-made to someone else's taste, what would happen if you had the opportunity to create your very own fragrance from scratch? I was given the incredible opportunity by the Experimental Perfume Club to find out.

fragrance oils in line at the Experimental Perfume Club LabFragrance oils used to create bespoke perfume Experimental Perfume Club Logo

Whilst our taster course did not start from the very beginning of the creation process (you will have to book onto an expert masterclass to do that) we were given basic combinations of oils that, unknown to us at the time, covered the citrus, green, fruity, floral, spicy, oriental, woody, chypre and musky scents. With only our noses to guide us, we had to select our favourite scents that would form the top heart and base notes of the perfume. Once we had finalised our selection, it was time to discover exactly what ingredients would form our perfect perfume. 

Fragrance making workshop making your own fragranceFragrance making station making your own perfume grapefruit citrus oils

With expert advice at hand from Emmanuelle Moeglin, founder of experimental perfume club and professionally trained perfumer, we were able to select and mix the perfect quantities of ingredients to create our very own scents. With a little tweaking, and experimentation, each member of the workshop created fragrance entirely different to the next. 

The whole process was absolutely fascinating and I know that I can speak on behalf of everyone that participated in the workshop that we all learned so much during the day. To have an expert break down the processes and give you an insight into the complexities of the fragrance world was simply mindblowing. Not only does this workshop allow you to create a customised scent, it goes much further than that, teaching participants about variations, qualities and ingredients that we should be looking out for when we are out in the shops, looking to make a new purchase. 

This is a workshop that I would advise anyone in taking, from the hardcore scent lovers to people that would love to try something new. For the full listing of workshops, visit the official Experimental Perfume Club website. 


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