Color Factory, New York

Martyn White

Posted on March 11 2019

New York's colourful attraction is an Instagrammer's dream, taking over a 20,000 sq ft space in the city's Hudson Square neighbourhood.

A collaborative and interactive exhibit celebrating colour took over San Francisco when it launched back in 2017. Its popularity was so high that the one-month exhibition was extended for a further eight months to meet demand. With its Instagrammable backdrops and spaces, it soon caught the attention of colour lovers from across the globe. Setting up a base in New York, the Color Factory has now been running at its Hudson square location since August 2018 with further pop-up destinations spreading the love of colour (or should I say 'color'?) around the United States. 

The Colour Factory New YorkThe Colour Factory New YorkThe Colour Factory New York

Hearing, and seeing so much about the destination, I wanted to give it a go myself and visited the New York Color Factory in February of 2018 to find out if it lived up to expectations.

Guests book tickets in advance for time slots on specified dates. If you miss your time slot or day, the company states that there will be no replacement or refunds. I would also strongly recommend visiting as a group in an even number or at the very least as a pair as things can become quite awkward when you have to engage with a stranger (or no one at all) during specific tasks throughout the experience.

The exhibit consists of several spaces, each one celebrating colour differently, requiring guests to complete a series of tasks set out by the super friendly staff on hand. 

The Colour Factory New YorkThe Colour Factory New YorkThe Colour Factory New York

Without giving too much away as not to spoil the experience for potential visitors, the tasks set out to explore colour, from how we perceive one another to the way that colour can affect our taste and other senses. There are, of course, some entirely random spaces thrown in to add humorous touches like the history of the cornflake and the different types of vomit found around America. The final room, however, is the place where adults can re-live their childhood dreams, in the monochromatic teal ball pit. With a scannable card given to you at the entrance, guests can swipe it on a reader and have one of the Color Factory's built-in cameras take the perfect photo of you on a spinning disc, in the ball pit or even boogying on the dancefloor, emailing them to you at the end of your visit. 

The Colour Factory New YorkThe Colour Factory New YorkThe Colour Factory New York

The full experience takes between one to two hours, depending on how many photos you love to take and how much fun you can have. As mentioned before, the experience works best with a partner or group of people. Visiting alone was an awkward experience, though the staff are incredible and do join in to ensure you make the most that the factory has to offer. Tickets are expensive, but if you love colour and taking photos, it is a must-visit, even if you would only do it once. 

A fantastic idea that I can see popping up in cities around the world, I  watch with fondness to see what the Color Factory does next and how it continues to evolve in our fast-paced social media world. 

For further information and to book tickets to visit yourself, click to view the official Color Factory website. 


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