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Martyn White

Posted on August 28 2014

The Design Practice by Uber has converted and extended this Grade II listed Georgian vicarage in Cheshire into something that is truly remarkable.

It is very rare to find an interior that I would personally describe as perfect, however, a few days ago I have discovered one that is just that. A grade II listed Georgian vicarage in Cheshire is a property like no other. The Design Practice by Uber has created something that is truly remarkable and has exceeded all benchmarks in luxury design.

From the moment you enter the property, there are surprises around every corner. Every room reveals its own individual personality; with the use of raw and luxurious materials that compliment but also contrast the fine selection of designer furniture. The designers have not been afraid to express a vibrancy and eccentricity that gives this property its beautiful character.

The Vicarage modern entrance hall - Design Practice by Uber

Entrance hall with Ochre Coco wall and ceiling lights

The most noticeable feature of the entrance hall has to be the Ochre Coco wall and ceiling lights, made from strips of coconut shell and available in black or white. They contrast with the purity of the room with its white walls and light stone flooring but create a striking feature along with the black leather square detailing of the floor and the dark wood from the seating.

Luxury dining space with bright blue seating, chandelier and lacquered table - design practice by uber

luxury dining space with bright blue chairs, chandelier and lacquered dining table - design practice by uber

Blue dining chairs with mother of pearl detailing - design practice by uber

Dining room with Christopher Guy Camilla Mirror and dining chair mother of pearl detailing

The centrepiece of the dining room, my favourite room in the house is the dark wood lacquered dining table, surround by ten bespoke designed, sapphire blue chairs with two-tone detailing. A defining feature of the chairs is the mother of pearl chains on the back of each chair. It is detailing such as this that advances this home into a new level of luxury. One other key item that I must comment on is the mirror above the fireplace, a Christopher Guy mirror unmistakably designed and inspired by the headdress that Camilla Parker Bowles wore at her wedding to Prince Charles.

Luxury home office with fumed oak panelling - design practice by uber

The Study with fumed oak wooden panelling

The study has a more natural and enclosed feel to it with the use of fumed oak panelling and joinery. There is a use of soft and light coloured upholstery and carpeting in the room, which compliments the wood beautifully. There is a channelling towards nature in the room with your eyes being drawn to the outside world. A favourite item of mine is the tree detailing on the curtains and blinds. It creates a relationship between the materials in the room and that of the outside world, no matter what time of day or season.

Luxury kitchen and breakfast area - design practice by uber

Luxury kitchen and breakfast area - design practice by uber

Kitchen with adjoining bar and breakfast dining areas

The kitchen extends the look and feel from the study by using fumed oak panelling on one of the cupboards, acting as a focal point to the room. The colour from this has then been accentuated throughout the worktops and wall detailing next to the ovens. Colour has been injected into the room with the use of purple accessories such as the candle and flower arrangement that could easily be changed throughout the year to create different atmospheres and adjust to the seasons. This area has essentially been divided into three separate sections. To one side of the room, there is a central bar with Champagne storage within both of the sidewalls. The storage with its glass frontage has been framed as if it was a painting hanging on the wall. This again will change as the contents are used and replaced creating a constantly evolving piece of art. The final area, the kitchen dining space, makes full use of the large skylight and floor to ceiling windows. Flooded with natural light, this dining space is perfect for those early morning breakfasts, creating a beautiful connection and view to the garden linking with the kitchen.

Luxury home indoor swimming pool with chandelier - design practice by uber

Luxury home indoor swimming pool and gym - design practice by uber

The Swimming Pool, Gym and Spa areas

My final room of selection at the Vicarage is not so much a room, but more of an experience. Every dream home contains a swimming pool, spa and gym but this property exceeds the expectations. Walking down a staircase from the kitchen takes you into a different world. Centred around a long rectangular swimming pool with five cascading waterfalls and circular Jacuzzi, is a gym, spa, sauna and steam room. One wall of the gym is fully glazed to take advantage of the magnificent views of the pool and surrounding area. It divides the room yet maintains a close relationship with the spa which I feel is integral to this design. A striking feature to the pool is the chandelier suspended in centre place above the Jacuzzi. I feel that this style of lighting is not usually associated with an area such as a swimming pool but it shows that the designers are not afraid to experiment with materials to create unique settings with breathtaking results.

home champagne tasting room - design practice by uber

Champagne tasting room, including DK home hand woven rain ceiling lights

The designs of the Vicarage have been daring but show that interior design can still be fresh, surprising and exciting. The property was expanded by a huge 150% during these renovations and it must be reminded that this work has been completed on a grade II listed vicarage. This is an enormous challenge in itself but The Design Practice by Uber have managed to create a building with an interior that is modern, highly luxurious and fresh, yet have still managed to maintain its Georgian heritage and feel throughout. The designers have managed to create something so unique with this project that it fits in a genre all to itself.

I would strongly recommend viewing The Design Practice website for further information and imagery on this design and to see the portfolio from this award-winning company. To get inspiration and purchase similar items featured in these designs, please visit the Uber Interiors website for brilliant contemporary statement pieces.


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