The Beekman Hotel: Rise of an icon

Martyn White

Posted on September 06 2016

A landmark preserved in time - The Beekman Hotel in New York transports guests to a time of opulence and glamour. 

Nestled between some of New York's most iconic landmarks is a piece of architecture hidden away from the public eye, perfectly preserved in time. Thousands of people using the surrounding streets on a daily basis will be unaware of the treasures locked away within the depths of this nine-story building, that is until now. After years or abandonment and neglect, an extensive three-year restoration project has taken place to breathe life back into the building, transforming it into a luxury hotel run by Thompson Hotels. 

The Beekman Hotel New York atriumThe Beekman landmark hotel traditional lobby styleThe Beekman Hotel traditional hotel desk reception

Famed for its striking nine-storey atrium, topped by a glass pyramid, the completed project will include 287 guest rooms, 45 suites and 2 duplex suites with roof access in the turrets of the building. Located at the base of the atrium will be a luxury bar, exploiting the intricate beauty and detailing of the nine-floor atrium, naturally lit by the glass pyramid atop. Flower & Wells from Tom Colicchio and Augustine from Keith McNally will add to the exclusivity of services on offer, providing a unique and unforgettable culinary experience. 

The Beekman corner suite interior design New YorkThe Beekman Corner Suite luxury interior designThe Beekman New York Corner Suite living spaceThe beekman luxury suites New York The Beekman hotel New York Corner Suite

Whilst many of the spaces in the hotel remain a secret, hidden away from prying eyes until the hotel's glamorous opening, we have been given a preview of a collection of hotel rooms and suites to feed our curiosity. The clean whites and fresh injections of colour displayed above in the Corner Suite will provide guests with superior luxury during their stay, creating a home away from home with beautiful personal touches such as the selection of artwork on display, intricate accessories and characterful lamps. 

Inside the Beekman Hotel New York newly opened gallery atriumBeekman restored atrium design with original detailThe Beekman class atrium ceiling roof in New YorkThe Beekman lobby and reception area New York

Upon hearing The Beekman's story, the challenges it has faced and the painstaking renovation it has undergone over the last few years, I have become obsessed with the buildings rich history and exciting future. As I closely watch this luxury hotel reveal the grandeur of its design, I cannot wait to discover the new story it has to tell as the hotel makes its way onto the international stage for the world to admire. 

For further details on the Beekman Hotel and to book your stay, visit the official Beekman Hotel and Thompson Hotel websites. 

Images courtesy of Thompson Hotels (Top Two images plus all images from the corner suite) and the Guardian website (all remaining images) Original Guardian Source can be found here.


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