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Martyn White

Posted on February 18 2016

Taking luxury interior design to new heights with Scandinavian and industrial inspired Park Loft  by Studio Mode. 

Located in Bulgaria's capital city Sofia is an apartment design that instantly caught my eye, I have been obsessed with it ever since! Designed by Studio Mode, the apartment is situated on the eleventh floor of a very striking and modern styled building called "Red Apple" in reference to the architectural style in New York during the 1920s. With incredible views over Sofia's south park and across to the Vitosha Mountain, everything about this apartment unbelievable luxury and I had to share it with you. 

Studio Mode Park Loft Interior Design Living room and industrial hallway Studio Mode Park loft Interior design ariel view

From the moment you walk through the door, you are instantly drawn to the materials used within this incredible space. One design feature to note is the flip of materials used within the space. There is no use of wood on the floor of this space, instead of applying natural wooden panelling at different angles to the ceiling and select walls throughout the design. A clean and clear glossy white surface that you would normally associate with the ceiling has been applied to the floor which creates a very effective and unique design. 

Modern industrial Park Loft interior design from Studio Mode, Bulgaria Modern luxury industrial interior design from Studio Mode

The complex shape of the exterior has been exploited to create a dual level living space with floor to ceiling windows. To make the most of this area of the apartment and to create a dramatic feature, the designers have installed a pure white, full level shelving and storage unit that adds an impressive library element to the space. A much-needed sliding ladder has also been attached to allow for maximum use, creating a favourite feature of mine. 

Luxury industrial interior design detail

The exterior of the building also makes its way inside with the use of exposed red brick on select walls, adding a warm and welcoming industrial feel to the room but also injecting colour throughout the main living space, adding to the overall charm. In contrast to the brickwork and continuing the industrial theme is the use of jet black ironwork, used on the stairs and gallery, even adding a touch of modern style to the central fireplace. 

Studio Mode Park Loft industrial style dining roomModern industrial style kitchen with white lacquered finish, red brick and natural wood

The limitation and selection of the materials used play a key role in creating such an iconic look. Throughout the whole apartment, only four key materials are used, each contributing a colour and texture to the space. The red brickwork adds warm colouring, contributing a rough masculine character to the design. In contrast, yet still adding warmth are the natural tones and soft presence of the wooden panelling. Jet black ironwork adds depth and detail to the room, black colouring being replicated in many other key features of the room such as windows, lighting, doors, furniture and even appliances. These three finishes are balanced out by our fourth and final material, the pure and glossy white surface that can be seen on the floor, kitchen surfaces, bedroom walls and dining table. 

Studio Mode modern white bedroom interior design with wooden ceiling

There is such a sense of flow and smoothness throughout the whole apartment. Each surface lays flat, connecting to one another almost seamlessly. general lighting can be found integrated into the walls, highlighting the ceiling and floor spaces, televisions and appliances also appear to seamlessly connect to the surrounding areas. A perfect example of just how finely the space has been designed is apparent with the washroom door (below) The pattern and use of wood continue across the door, almost removing focus from the door completely. 

White lacquered bathroom with natural wood walls from Studio Mode

Studio Mode's Park Loft is definitely one of my favourite designs of all time. The company was established in 2003 as a small and flexible design studio with a focus on interior and furniture design. With an impressive portfolio and a large number of high-profile projects already under their belt, I look forward to discovering what this incredibly talented studio has to offer in the future. If you would like to discover more of the company's projects and designs, click HERE to view the official website. 


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