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Martyn White

Posted on July 07 2016

A design that sets the scene, allowing guests to live the story, inspired by drama, entertainment and tradition.

Recently, I have been researching into the world of luxury interiors. Away from the residential properties that we classically associated with interior design, I wanted to expose designs in lesser known areas, from aviation and boats to shops and mobile properties. These spaces face their own unique challenges, some that are just as fascinating as the design process itself. Nightclub design falls into this category and I am very excited to share with you a design from Studio Mode that faces up to these challenges, creating a very unique and luxurious multi-functional space.

Studio Mode Club Mascara monochrome luxury club interior design Bulgaria Club Mascara Sofia Bulgaria Interior Design from Studio Mode

Club Mascara, located in Sofia, Bulgaria has a very magical feel to its design. Situated on the underground level of the National Opera and Ballet, you can clearly see the influences of entertainment and tradition within the design, replicating the drama, elegance and mystery performed in the building above. Combining traditional and contemporary style, the club has a unique presence and a clear divide between worlds. 

monochrome interior design for club Mascara in Sofia designed by Studio ModeLuxury club interior design including inset floor lighting against the white floor

This monochrome space has a very clear visual divide between spaces, each creating a niche space and experience. In reference to the theatre, the lighter side of the main bar acts as the scene, essentially the stage where guests are the focus of attention. Lights shining and interactions are exchanged, usually in an expressive way such as dancing. The dark side of the VIP area is where spectators can hide behind the privacy of dimmed lighting and darker tones, allowing them to view the scene and watch the show. 

Curved mirrored bar at club Mascara BulgariaBeautiful club interior design, Mascara in Sofia BulgariaDesigner luxury nightclub design, Mascara in Bulgaria designed by Studio Mode

Features such as the beautiful white flowing wainscoting around the seating area resemble the movement of scenes and props whilst the lighting graphics that can be seen at the entrance are a reference to the illusion of the fictional world. It is refreshing to see a design in which every detail and selection has been made for a reason. Finishes, textures, shapes and lighting unite to create a stage and set a scene for visitors to submerge themselves within, allowing guests to create their own stories, experiences and dramas during their visit. 

Club Mascara, modern designer nightclub interior by Studio ModeLuxury nightclub designs from Studio Mode, Club Mascara

Whilst club Mascara is incredibly modern, almost futuristic, there is still a firm appreciation for the traditional and original design. beautiful and luxurious stones, staircases and original features are all prominent within the building and remain an important focus. Both styles compliment one another rather than overpower which can be difficult to balance out. The incredible story, fantastic materials and luxurious finish all add to the impressive scale of this design. A design story like no other, this is one that I could watch over and over again.  


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