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Martyn White

Posted on October 21 2018

During the London Design Festival 2018. Skandium transformed its flagship showroom in South Kensington into the Scandinavian eco townhouse.

During this year’s London Design Festival, Skandium has transformed its flagship four-storey townhouse in South Kensington into the Scandinavian eco home. In line with Brompton Design District’s theme of ‘Material Consequences’ curated by Jane Withers Studio, the Townhouse has been populated exclusively with Scandinavian design products with a level of ‘ethical commitment,’ which range from sustainably sourced materials to responsibly manufactured and corporately responsibility initiatives. Skandium invited two designers renowned for their Scandinavian design; Montana and Skagerak, to transform the showroom into the eco townhouse.

Skandium Eco Townhouse London Living SpaceSkandium Eco Townhouse London Living SpaceSkandium Eco Townhouse London Sidetable and Brass LampSkandium Eco Townhouse London Living Room

An ever-increasing number of people are looking to minimise environmental impact when decorating their homes. More people are now aware of areas such as mass production, deforestation and chemical use to name a few, and the adverse effects they are having on the planet. With this in mind, people are turning to sustainable technology, interior and architectural innovation. The Skandium Eco Townhouse centres around this ethos and curates a collection based on responsible design, demonstrating the vibrant and beautiful solutions achievable in interior design with the environment in mind.

Skandium Eco Townhouse LondonSkandium Eco Townhouse London Orange Living SpaceSkandium Eco Townhouse London Sidetable and home accessories

Every floor of the Eco Townhouse has bee finished with beautiful furniture, lighting and accessories from Skandium’s catalogue. Each piece is accompanied by an individual story of sustainability. Key examples include Bolivian llama wool textiles, refined in WRAP-certified factories, and FSC-certified wooden furniture harvested locally from European forests. The townhouse highlights brands with innovations ranging from zero waste programmes to social initiatives such as using the visually impaired to product products.

Skandium Eco Townhouse London Dining RoomSkandium Eco Townhouse LondonSkandium Eco Townhouse London Purple Shelving and Display Unit

As one walks around the townhouse, there is an exciting collection of destinations to explore, each with a unique personality and characteristics that define the interior while connecting it to the next. Guests navigate the vibrant green and blue hues of the dining and living area, complete with floating blue storage units, curved corner mirrors and Scandinavian style chaise lounge,  dressed with foliage and soft fabric drapery. The green hues continue on the higher levels but through a gradient, elegantly displayed in fabric that drapes the ceiling and cascades down one of the walls to create an intimate space with soft detailing. The green is complemented with a bold injection of purple, used on the wall hung storage units which provide a beautiful contrast to the room.  

Skandium Eco Townhouse London Chaise LoungeSkandium Eco Townhouse London blue drawers and storageSkandium Eco Townhouse London green dining room

A rich colour palette of red, purple and orange has been used for the living and lounge areas. A personal favourite is the entertainment space which transitions from gorgeous rich red decor on one side of the room; containing the bar cabinet and modular light grey sofa, to a mesmerising deep purple on the other side, framing the wall hung media cabinet, accessorised with wonderful brass lighting and accessories. The final interior is the perfect home hub, decorated in a series of orange shades that play with the dimension of the room. A range of seating styles diversifies the use of the room from relaxing in the soft fur armchair to socialising in the structured leather sofa. Accentuating the natural light from the windows, the interior lures guests to come and explore. 

Exhibiting during the London Design Festival, all furniture designs, accessories and lighting are available for purchase. For further details, click to view the official Skandium website via the link. 


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