Royal Mansour, Marrakech: The Riad

Martyn White

Posted on February 28 2017

Exploring the luxurious world of the Royal Mansour Hotel in Marrakech, featuring the private Riad facilities and design.

Walking around the grounds, it feels as if the hotel has been perfectly preserved, encasing a rich and extravagant history for visitors to absorb. The courtyards, narrow streets and grand arches add to the character and charm of the surrounding spaces. It is almost impossible to envisage that this hotel is barely a decade old. The overwhelming level of detail incorporated into every part of the design ensure that guests are able to experience the true wonders of Moroccan life, whilst enjoying modern comforts, difficult to incorporate into an original and traditional infrastructure. 

Winding streets of Riad hotels at the Royal Mansour, MarrakechRoyal Mansour Palm Court MarrakechThe Riads at Royal Mansour

Royal Mansour offers five variations of Riads, separated into two categories. Superior (140 m2), Premier (175 m2) and Privilege (430 m2) are all part of the Exclusive riad collection. Each has been individually designed and set out across three spacious floors that surround a central courtyard. The Prestige (850 m2) and Grand Riad (1,800 m2) make up the Exceptional collection, the latter boasting its own set of staff with two pools, a private spa, gym and underground cinema. 

Moroccan central courtyard with rose filled fountainLuxury games room at the Royal Mansour Marrakech RiadLooking down into the central courtyard Royal Mansour Marrakech

I had the pleasure of exploring the Privilege Riad to see what luxurious delights it had in store. Upon opening the large mint coloured front door and stepping from one oasis to another, cool calming air welcomes you in from the heat of the Moroccan sun. The interiors do not feel like a hotel in any way, more like a home, somewhere you naturally want to unwind, relax and make your own. Small ornate objects and decorative accessories contribute to the highly luxurious homely feel. Everything from a fully stocked library to decorative jewellery and display cases has all been carefully selected to add charm and individuality to each room. 

Royal Mansour Riad luxury bedroom design MarrakechMoroccan chandelier at the Royal Mansour Marrakech Dresser overlooking the central courtyard at the Royal MansourRoyal Mansour bedroom

Inspired by the classic Riad design, a symbol of Moroccan culture, each property and layout have been shaped by the requirements and changes throughout the day. The main living spaces can be found on the ground floor, encompassing the central fountain courtyard. When the sun is at its highest and the day at it's hottest, these rooms are kept naturally cooler, protecting occupants from the extreme temperatures outside. As the heat subsides, the terrace is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors with plunge pool, sun deck, dining area and lounge tent. As the sun sets and the time comes to retreat, the first floor is ready to help wind down the day with seating area, two bedrooms, each with their own bathroom and dressing area. 

Roof terrace with pool at the Riad Royal MansourRoyal Mansour private roof terrace Marrakech Royal Mansour logo towels Beautiful wood and ironwork detail at the Royal Mansour

It is not only the services Royal Mansour provide that define it as a standout luxury destination, it is an experience that goes far beyond the boundaries of hospitality. The intricate handcrafted works that fill each room, the utilisation of local talent and the precise level of planning that covers every element of a guests stay creates more than a luxury hotel, it produces a paradise, one that I cannot wait to visit again.

For further details on the hotel, the Riads and services provided, click to view the official Royal Mansour website. 

Photography: Martyn White


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