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Posted on October 22 2018

Martyn White Designs collaborated with OKA to style an interior set using the brand's furniture, combining it with the Martyn White Designs aesthetic.  

Coinciding with the launch of the new season collection, Martyn White Designs visited the OKA HQ in Abingdon, Oxford to complete an exciting style project to design and style a room set. With OKA's full catalogue of furniture available, including new and exclusive pieces, the concept was to create an interior that matched the Martyn White Designs aesthetic, exhibiting the diversity of the accessory and furniture pieces and how they can transform the home.  

Oka style space with Martyn White DesignsOka style space by Martyn White Designs featuring a brass and mirrored coffee tableOKA Style Space created and styled by Martyn White Designs

Inspired by recent visits to several stately homes in the UK, a fascination for the traditional use of a room and interior developed, particularly with the formal and informal living spaces. Void of technology, these grand spaces centred around socialisation and entertaining. Nowadays, many living spaces are set out and directed toward large television sets. They are no more than a place to remain silent while focusing on one area the entire time. The concept developed was to create a contemporary space with the traditional values of that seen within a stately home. Removing the technology, how does the layout and interaction with the room change? 

Martyn White Designs OKA Style space with decorative bustOka style space by Martyn White Designs featuring playing cards artwork

The living room is centralised around the beautiful hand-knotted 'Mombasa' Wool Rug, creating a soft and intimate space with the option for guests to relax and socialise on two tobacco leather armchairs or two-seater sofa that encircle the beautiful antique mirrored coffee table. In the background is the impressive hand-made 'Gezi' cabinet, filled with glass and barware for an evening's entertainment. Small design references to the modern-day entrepreneur are made throughout the space such as the bust statue and leather cases for travel, the horse head ornaments and playing card artwork for recreational activities and the resting Greyhound dog, forever as man's best friend. 

Martyn White of Martyn White Designs

Using a warm and welcoming colour palette; the walls have been decorated in Edward Bulmer Natural Paint's 'Quaker' colour, accessorised with subtle aubergine and weathered red hues in the cushions and rug. The tobacco leather chairs perfectly pull the space together, echoing the warmth of the antique brass found in the detailing of many of the furniture and accessory pieces. 

For full details on the items used, visit OKA's 'Inspiration' page, guiding visitors through the selection and availability of each product. Do not forget to read the full Q&A session featuring on the OKA Blog to discover more about the processes, design and tips on how to create your own space. 


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