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Martyn White

Posted on October 04 2017

Located in Hampstead, NW3 Interiors is a living showroom where owner Carly Madhvani can showcase her interior design services directly to her clients. I meet with Carly to discover the space and more.

Interior designer Carly Madhvani of NW3 Interiors invited me to visit her beautiful home in Hampstead to give me an insight into her design processes and personal style. Madhvan's home is also the showroom for NW3 Interiors, and impressive space open to clients to discuss design services away from the constraints of a clinical office. The showroom is a living portfolio, demonstrating functionality, luxurious beauty and family living.

NW3 Interior Design Carly Madhvani showroom glass living room NW3 Interiors Showroom Carly Madhvani Living room accessories

The Living Space

The centrepiece for the home is an incredibly light and bright glass cube that extends from the home into the large back garden. This multifunctional space can easily be adapted to host a dinner party on one evening and a  family living space the next. With space often limited within the city and many having no access to a garden, this design makes the most of out of an incredibly precious natural space by interconnecting the two together.

Decorated in light natural tones with subtle injections of powdered purples and blues, one of the most luxurious features to this space is the impressive Fromental embellished wallpaper designs, consisting of silk paper with elaborate hand-painted and hand-embroidered designs. It is only once you get closer to the work that you can appreciate its true beauty.

NW3 Interior Design Carly Madhvani showroom glass living room and gardenNW3 Interior Design Carly Madhvani hand stitched bird wallpaper NW3 Interiors living room with blue butterfly skull art print

The Bedroom

The master bedroom really is one of the many jewels in the crown. This large spacious room combines many masculine and feminine elements to create a balanced design with a characterful and relaxing personality. Central to the space is a beautiful bed with oversized upholstered headboard and footboard, injecting a soft blue hue into the room, complemented with warm brassy tones in the fixtures, fittings and accessories. My favourite piece is the colourful work of art, two canvases depicting butterfly wings beneath a texture of weathered brass metallics. 

NW3 Interiors Showroom Master BedroomNW3 Interior Design Showroom Bedroom Door HandleNW3 Interior Design Master Bedroom and Butterfly Artwork

The Washroom

The clean surfaces of the stone frame the luxurious details of the washroom, directing the eye towards the large industrial style Bert Frank brass Arbor Pendant lights and down towards the elegant walnut basin stand and dual grey stone basin. Storage has been cleverly concealed out of sight with shower products allocated to in-wall storage and other essentials contained within the basin unit itself, leaving only the essentials on display and emphasising the simplicity of the design. 

NW3 Interiors showroom ensuite bathroom with Bert Frank lighting

Authorised Knoll Dealer 

As an authorised Knoll furniture dealer and a brand ambassador for over twenty years, Carly has an exceptional understanding of Knoll, its designs and the beautiful collections available. Providing a host of benefits for those looking to access Knoll collections, the showroom also plays host to some of the latest designs, a beautiful example of how these iconic and timeless pieces of furniture can integrate perfectly into a wider design. Key pieces such as the Saarinen dining table and Executive upholstered chairs can be seen in the dining space below.

NW3 Interiors Showroom Knoll furnitureNW3 Interiors Knoll upholstered dining chairsNW3 Interiors Living room with cow upholstered chair

Showroom Event

NW3 Interiors will be hosting an exclusive showroom event between 10th - 12th October, showcasing interior design trends, services and talks across the three days. Tuesday is the allocated trade day with a service talk between 2pm - 3pm. Wednesday is the sale day for local residents with an interior trends talk at 11am and a guest speaker from Knoll at 2pm. Thursday is the press day for journalists and bloggers with an interior trends talk at 2pm. For further information and to register for the event, click to view the NW3 Interiors website. 


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