Manko Paris By Laura Gonzalez

Martyn White

Posted on June 14 2016

Exploring the luxury restaurant and bar design of Manko Paris. A world of rich textures and materials, created by Laura Gonzalez. 

Luxury restaurant design is an area that I love to draw inspiration from. These spaces have the difficult objective of having to appeal to a wide range of personalities and tastes whilst being personal, relaxing and beautiful. Designs can be exploratory and daring, trying out new styles and designs to capture the eye and lure the clients in, and it is this fast pace and expressiveness that attracts me to these wonderful restaurants and bars. A recent discovery that I could not wait to share with you is Mano Paris, designed by the very talented Laura Gonzalez.

gold and emerald coloured luxury bar and restaurant in Parisluxurious Parisian restaurant in gold and blue designed by Laura Gonzalez

Extravagance has been applied to every inch of this space, from the luscious upholstery selection to the opulent brass finishes seen throughout, giving Manko a strong visual identity. Whilst each item has its own individual character, there is a beautiful relationship between textures, finishes and luxury detailing that creates a united and welcoming style. 

Luxury restaurant and bar in Paris Manko by Laura Gonzalezgold restaurant and bar, luxurious interior designs from Laura Gonzalez

Material and texture plays a key role in creating zones withing this impressive space. In one area, exposed concrete pillars with a rough crumbling texture contrast beautifully against the smooth form and lines of the brass screen divide. Soft earthy tones have been applied to the walls and contained within select pieces of furniture, echoing the use of hexagonal brick tiles on the floor. This earthy space has been carefully balanced with small injections of Prussian Blue in the upholstery of select side chairs, helping to create an atmosphere for that great dining experience. 

gold restaurant with red tiles and emerald wall detailing Manko ParisRich emerald wall paint with gold features at Manko Paris

As we move into the bar and lounge area, dining chairs have been exchanged for brown leather studded arm chairs and the Prussian Blue has been replaced with emerald green wall colouring. Brass and gold are much more prominent within this zone, complimented by the luxurious wood paneled flooring which adds to the air of luxury. This transition in materials helps create a a relaxed environment, one where you can sit back and appreciate the richness of the surroundings whilst enjoying a fine cocktail and socalise with friends, colleagues or family. 

Luxury gold restaurant with cream bar stools and extravagant lightingGold and glass modern chandelier lighting Manko Paris A Peruvian restaurant luxury designs

Located at 15 Avenue Montaigne, inside the former Drouot Auction House, Manko is an instantly recognisable Laura Gonzalez design. Every corner of this restaurant and bar has been used to its fullest potential, creating a space that is as much artistic as it is a functioning restaurant and bar. With an impressive and fast growing luxury portfolio, Gonzalez has already achieved huge success. At such a young age, I very much look forward to discovering more iconic designs as her portfolio and experiences expand. 


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