London Design Week: Simpsons London

Martyn White

Posted on April 19 2017

Exploring the Simpsons London Showroom during London Design Week at their Chelsea Design Centre Showroom. 

London Design Week provided a fantastic opportunity to get to know luxury brands that little bit better, chat with the designers and explore their incredible showrooms at the Chelsea Design Centre. One brand in particular that blew me away with their beautiful designs and equally impressive showroom was Simpsons London. Whilst I have known the Simpsons for a long while, it was the first time I had the opportunity to explore their showroom, interact with their furniture pieces and talk about their collections. 

Simpsons London luxury home accessoriesSimpsons London upholstery and furniture designSimpsons London luxury table lamp and photo frames

From the moment you walk into this space, it feels as if you are at home and are able to sit back, unwind and enjoy the surroundings. Whether you are staring into the flames of the fireplace or watching your favourite films on the television that is cleverly concealed behind the mirror, there is so much to look at and appreciate. It is only once you realise the large windows across one wall, showing off all the designs to the outside, that your dream home is actually a showroom, bringing you back to reality with an almighty crash. Joking aside, I have never felt so welcome and relaxed in a showroom. The homely touches, use of accessories and perfect styling all contribute to achieving something that many other showrooms simply cannot achieve. 

Simpsons London bookshelf with luxury home accessoriesSimpsons London luxury home ornaments and accessories

One of my favourite pieces is the Linea Round hall table on display at the front of the showroom. This very grand piece of furniture captures the very essence of luxury, showcasing the quality and style that Simpsons can achieve with its mesmerising mirrored panel finish. The finish not only looks great, it helps transform the table, absorbing its surroundings, reflecting colours and lighting in the room. Even items displayed on top of this opulent design will transform its presence. If you want an item that can take on and adapt to any style or room it is placed in, this is definitely the piece for you. 

Simpsons London circular glass table with easter bunny decorationGreen grass easter bunny ornament at Simpsons LondonSimpsons London upholstered desk with mirror and home accessories

With so many fascinating discoveries, I could not possibly fit them into one post. My visit to the showroom and discussions with the team have extended my appreciation and admiration towards the brand. Every last detail of a design, from the luscious fabric finishes to the cuts of material, trim and grain have been carefully considered. For those looking to add carefully thought out luxury to a design or their own homes, I would strongly recommend a visit to Simpsons Chelsea Design Centre.


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