Interviewing Rachel Winham

Martyn White

Posted on December 07 2016

Taking time out of her incredibly busy schedule, I interview Rachel Winham to discover more on her designs and where she goes to find her inspiration.

Being a huge fan of Rachel Winham's designs, I fell in love with the soft muted tones, layering of luxurious textures and emphasis of fine detailing seen within many of the projects. Taking time out of her busy schedule and preparation of her showroom opening on 8th December, I had the pleasure of interviewing Rachel to find more about her designs, where she goes for inspiration and the challenges that she has faced to become a name on the interior design stage. 

Interviewing Rachel Winham

How would you describe your signature style?

"Liveable luxury - Our designs are focused on creating unique bespoke items with uncompromising detailing whilst ensuring functionality."

What things have inspired you in recent designs?

"I find inspiration everywhere, whether it be from the team, day to day life, travel, hotels and restaurants. I follow many different subjects on Pinterest, the colour of food or the embellishment in fashion can be the starting point for the next design."

Great Minster House luxury interior design project

What would you say is the most common interior design mistake?

"Working off plan and not accurately site measuring! We use masking tape to map out all of our furniture on the floor; this is a great way of visualising the actual proportions of a space."

What part of the house do you enjoy designing the most and why?

"This really varies depending on the project! However, as I love to entertain, Dining Rooms can be great fun, especially when dressing with all the finishing touches!"

Chelsea Galleries interior design project by Rachel Winham

What design style is your all-time favourite and why?

"Our designs explore all styles from classic, contemporary to eclectic chic however, you cannot go wrong with a design that exudes elegance and sophistication. Whether a small or big budget, I believe it’s the small well considered details that defines the design."

What is the most challenging part of the design process?

"Most people believe the role of an interior designer is purely creative when in reality it’s probably 10% creative and 90% problem solving! The design is the easy part, the procurement and production process is where the challenges can arise, that’s why it’s crucial we work with the very best suppliers and talented craftsman."

South Bank Tower Interior Design project by Rachel Winham

How do you keep up to date on style?

"Online platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are great sources of inspiration for the smallest of detail. Using multichannel tools like this to find unique design ideas is a great way of discovering new suppliers as well."

What has been the highlight of your career to date?

"Building our team! There are many talented designers out there but I have worked very hard to ensure that the culture of the team is just as important as the creativity."

South bank interior design project by Rachel Winham
What is next for Rachel Winham?

"This is a very exciting time at Rachel Winham with the launch of our first showroom in Hampstead coming up on the 8th December! It is going to be a great opportunity for our clients to come and explore our designs in an immersive showroom experience."

For further details and to view more of Rachel Winham's portfolio. Click to view the official website


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