Interior Inspiration: The Country Stage

Martyn White

Posted on February 19 2015

Design inspiration from taken from popular interior photography. The Country Stage, featuring rustic home accessories and contrasting lighting.

This beautiful interior has a rustic feel with an injection of vintage glamour. The soft tones, thickly knitted throws and rustic panelled furniture add a sense of cosy countryside living, whilst the converted stage floor light, aged Persian rug and photo print cushions inject glamour, adding character and vibrancy to the space. These two styles compliment each other perfectly, each adding something a little different to the living space, yet not overpowering each other. It is important to remember that less is more with characterful items, so not to overfill a room when decorating to this style. It is a great look to mix and match objects, personalities and themes to create the unique look that you see in this space.

Interior Design Inspiration The Country Stage

1. Society6 | New York Pillow and In Black and White Pillow - Part cushion, part artwork to add character.

2. AntiqueWallArt | Butterly Art Print - beautiful vintage prints to add small amounts of colour to a space.

3. Crane & Canopy | Navy Large Cable Knit Throw - Thick and luxurious for those winter nights.

4. Le Creuset | Grand Teapot 1.3 L, Teal and Espresso Mug 100ml, Teal - Available in multiple vibrant colours, perfect to mix and match.

5. Louis De Poortere | Fading World, Grey Ebony 8257 - Beautiful aged rugs, full of character to soften hardwood floors.

6. Home & Decor | Industrial Coffee Table - A character centrepiece that continues with the rustic country feel.

7. Ocean Lighting | Searchlight 3013 - Fulfilling the glamorous look and adding history to a room.


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