INT2 Architecture: Pastel Paradise

Martyn White

Posted on October 25 2015

The creative storage solutions and beautiful pastel designs of a new Moscow apartment from INT2 Architects. 

After recently sharing a few images of a beautiful pastel interior design discovery, I simply had to find out who the designer was. There was something about the design that was fresh, characterful and challenging. After a while of searching I discovered that the designs were from a young team of architects and interior designers in St Petersburg, Russia. The more I researched into the company and their designs, the more I fell in love. 

Pastel contemporary living room design, interior design from INT2 Architecture

As I am sure that many of you are aware, I have an unhealthy obsession with pastels. The light and soft tones work wonders for spaces and are a reminder of just how soft and welcoming life can be. Pastels work incredibly well in a multitude of spaces from Large, open plan spaces to small confined rooms. This one bedroom apartment in a new housing development on the outskirts of Moscow fits into the smaller sized space category. The designers have managed to optimise every aspect of the design, creating creative solutions to storage that would otherwise consume large parts of the apartment. 

Contemporary Pastel Bedroom design from INT2 Architecture

All non-load bearing walls were removed with the exception of the bathroom wall to open up the space and centre it around one main living area. A very creative solution to the storage problem was to lift the bed onto a platform which allows larger objects such as bedding, pillows and blankets to be stored underneath. Not only is this a fantastic sollution for storage, it also acts as a subtle divide between the living and bedroom areas. 

Pastel Kitchen Interior Design from INT2 Architecture

Light is right when it comes to decorating smaller spaces, the Moscow apartment keeps to this rule whilst adding characterful and fun patterns decorated in beautiful pastel tones. Colours have been effectively used to define spaces, a difficult task for an open plan space. The kitchen is the focus of green, yellow and grey pastel tones whilst the bedroom keeps to warm salmon pinks and naturals. As we move into the main living space, blues, yellows and greys become most prominent and as we make our way to the balcony / winter garden, fresh greens and blues are seen. 

Pastel styled interior Winter Garden from INT2 Architecture

Storage has again been maximised on the balcony / winter garden with the use of floor to ceiling shelving and container carton seating which can also be used to store smaller items in. It is inspiring to see a design that is so resourceful. So often, new builds are poorly thought out, they make little use of the space that can have so much potential. With the use of light pastel colours, beautiful finishes and creative solutions, INT2 Architecture has created a space that many of us would dream to live. To view the INT2 Architects website and discover more projects, click HERE.



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