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Martyn White

Posted on March 16 2016

Discover the personal touches and bespoke designs of Kit Kemp as she transforms boutique hotel style with the Soho Hotel in London.

Firmdale hotels are an iconic collection of boutique hotels located in London and New York. Their breathtaking, bespoke and personal interior designs have given the brand international status and a reputation for being a luxury home away from home. The Soho Hotel, located just off Dean Street in London is the first feature in my Firmdale interior design series. The hotel is a personal favourite of mine, where I regularly meet with colleagues and friends to relax and enjoy the services that the hotel has to offer. As I take you through the beautiful style and design of these spaces, you will quickly realise just how impressive this hidden gem is, tucked away in the heart of Soho.

Soho Hotel Lobby reception sculpture

From the moment you step into the hotel, you are greeted with opulence, vibrancy and character. The best example of this is the ten foot high Botero cat that stands next to the reception desk. This sculpture is an incredibly fitting design for the hotel, showing a playful and fun side that is so often missing when it comes to the usual generic and mundane designs that are regularly seen with many other hotels.

Soho Hotel Lobby Fireplace Interior Design

Passing reception, you enter the main part of the lobby with access to the other levels, meeting rooms, Refuel bar and restaurant, drawing room and Library. My favourite part of this area is the play with textures, materials and vibrant colours, they work so well together. There are modern materials used alongside traditional which appears to reference London itself with its eclectic displays of heritage and modern thinking. You cannot help but notice the large oval table present in the centre with its luminous pink base and seasonal flowers contrasting against the traditional wood flooring. My final area of focus has to be the gorgeous stone fireplace, original detailing that has been beautifully framed by modern striped works of art and an enticing armchair dressed in the famed lively print.

Soho Hotel Bar and restaurantSoho Hotel library room with bright pink curtains and striped sofa


As you can see from the video above, there is so much to feast your eyes upon. Every corner you turn and angle you view a space from reveals another side to the design, exposing more treasures and works of art. On a personal level, what makes the Firmdale brand so unique is this choice, eclecticism and personality. Returning guests have their favourite rooms, styles chairs and areas of the hotel. The design allows you to feel claim to a space, a familiarity and choice that really does make it feel like a home away from home, something I have only ever experienced with the Firmdale brand. 

Soho Hotel luxury green hotel suite

Above: One Bedroom Penthouse Suite

The suites themselves are individual in design and continue the focus on bespoke furnishings and accessories. Whilst there is a huge presence in colour, the shades appear softer and serene, a much needed retreat from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding city. As you can see from the one bedroom Penthouse Suite imaged above, the spaces have been planned with a simple and clutter free approach. Personal accessories and decorative features such as vases, bowls, cut flowers and hand sewn cushions elegantly fill the room. It is this personal touch that sets Firmdale above the rest. A favorite feature of mine are the large warehouse style floor to ceiling windows, flooding the space with light. They have a classic charm that reminds me of London's industrial past and provide the perfect backdrop to the incredible spaces within. 

Soho Hotel London boutique suite with printed sofaSoho Hotel luxury boutique suite

Above: One Bedroom Soho Suite


The video above continues the design insight from Kit Kemp, Firmdale Design Director talking through the details and inspiration for the Terrace Suite. Located on the top floor, the suite has a large drawing room, master and second bedroom with stunning bathroom, entirely clad in white marble. Kit mentions in the video how many hotels see luxury design as incorporating lots of gold whilst adding sleek and shiny surfaces. At Firmdale, luxury is represented with bespoke and handmade design. Nearly every item in the Terrace suite has been made by hand, specifically for the room, from the cushions on the sofa to the rugs on the floor, something that is unheard of in many aspects of interior design today. 

Soho Hotel London Boutique hotel Interior Design

Above: Two Bedroom Soho Suite

The finished look of these suites is far from the clinical and shiny feel that many of us have come to expect from luxury hotels. What we are presented with are spaces full of stories, details and discoveries. Rooms that are full of hand made furnishings and designs that compliment one another and most importantly, a space that you want to make your own. The Soho Hotel has opened my eyes to a style that is very hard to replicate. It takes experience, knowledge and a great deal of passion to create such an outstanding design, one that Kit Kemp and the Firmdale team must be incredibly proud to exhibit to their guests. 

Click HERE to be taken to the official Firmdale Hotel website if you would like to discover more about the brand, its hotels and services. 


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