Evgeniy Bulatnikov: Beige

Martyn White

Posted on April 11 2018

Stripping back an interior to reveal an elegant minimalist design with a beautiful personality. Discover Ukranian based architect Evgeniy Bulatnikov's 'Beige' interior design.

Sometimes, when it comes to design, less is more. That has never been more relevant than when discussing the incredible 'Beige' interior design of Ukranian based architect, Evgeniy Bulatnikov. The fabric of this building, with its magnificent windows and intricate mouldings contains so much character that almost any design would detract from their opulent beauty. With a minimalist look, luxurious materials and high-end fixtures, Bulatnikov has succeeded where many fail, creating an inviting and minimalist interior that feels complete and surprisingly homely. 

Evgeniy Bulatnikov Beige Interior Design Project Living RoomEvgeniy Bulatnikov Beige Interior Design Project Dining Space

The earthy tones of the walls continue through the selection of the furniture, echoed in the luxurious choice of materials. By limiting accessories and furniture to essential pieces, designs are able to take on their own unique characteristics, becoming striking focal points that define the use of each space. Designers renowned for their high-quality craft and simple forms have been used to accessorise each room.  Vladimir Kagan has been selected for the sofa whilst Pierre Jeanneret has been used for the chairs. When it comes to lighting, there was one natural choice for the interior, Michael Anastassiades and the impressive 'Bob' wall mounted and 'Angle' pendant lighting designs. 

Evgeniy Bulatnikov Beige Interior Design Project TableEvgeniy Bulatnikov Beige Interior Design Project Bedroom

Brushed brass detailing attracts the eye, showcasing the fine craft and finishes such as the sliding door inserts, concealed door handles, lighting fixtures and tapware. These small additions add touches our luxury whilst injecting small amounts of warming colour into the design. In the bathroom, a large stone wall provides a beautiful green backdrop, dividing the master bedroom from the en-suite. It also houses the water pipework enabling the shower and taps to be contained away from the oval bath, not to obstruct the clean lines and surfaces. The green stone has also been used for the fire surround and its opulent colour mirrored in other accessories around the home to create unity and provide a colour theme that compliments the brass fixtures and earthy base colour palette. 

Evgeniy Bulatnikov Beige Interior Design Project BathroomEvgeniy Bulatnikov Beige Interior Design Project Bathroom

Beige by Evgeniy Bulatnikov may miss the homely touches and objects that many of us cherish in our own homes, but, it impressive to see how such an excellently finished minimalist design can reveal just how much excess we have in our own homes. The warm earthy tones and small luxurious finishes demonstrate the true meaning of luxury whilst challenging our perceptions of minimalist living. 

For further details on this project and other completed by the architect, visit the official Evgeniy Bulatnikov website via the link.


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  • Santi: May 27, 2018

    Diseños muy robustos y ligeros. Muy bonito todo.

  • Adam : April 11, 2018

    This is my type of apartment!

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