Emilie Bonaventure: Epoca, Paris

Martyn White

Posted on May 29 2018

Emilie Bonaventure designs the Epoca restaurant in Paris, an Art Deco-inspired interior that is quickly becoming the designer destination to visit.

There is no doubting that Emilie Bonaventure is the interior designer that everyone is talking about. After covering her incredible interior designs a little closer to home with Gregory Marchand's restaurant 'Frenchie' in Covent GardenLondon, it is time to take a trip across the Channel to discover what delights Bonaventure has cooked up as she takes on chef Denny Imbroisi’s latest project, 'Epoca' in the heart of Paris. 

Emilie Bonaventure designs Parisian restaurant EpocaEmilie Bonaventure designs Parisian restaurant EpocaEmilie Bonaventure designs Parisian restaurant Epoca

A marriage of cultures, Epoca is an Italian restaurant with an iconic French style located in a beautiful Art Nouveau building in the 7th arrondissement. Bonaventure has selected a limited colour palette, opting for a warming golden/yellow hue that lures the eye up to the ceiling, visually expanding the space. Select upholstery such as the booth seating and patterned tiles on the floor echo the colourway, unifying the space. The interior captures the signature style, exhibiting Bonaventure's passion for merging contemporary and traditional design through the use of luxurious textures, patterns and fine detail.

Emilie Bonaventure designs Parisian restaurant EpocaEmilie Bonaventure designs Parisian restaurant Epoca

Retro lighting can be seen throughout the restaurant, adding a touch of vintage glamour with the classic opaline globe lamps finished with brass detailing in several different styles. The bar-top contains two half globe up-lighters whilst the main dining areas showcase beautiful five-globe chandeliers. 

Black lacquer table tops have been paired with Parisian style wooden dining chairs as a beautiful contrast to the golden tones. The use of black continues throughout the restaurant, seen in the piping detail of the booth upholstery,  the construction of the bar and lower half of the wall panelling. A connection between these two worlds has been complemented by the use of black and white striped wallpaper that covers the midsection of the walls. The bold use of black and white stripe can also be seen in the impressive tiling that wraps itself around the central bar. 

Emilie Bonaventure designs Parisian restaurant EpocaEmilie Bonaventure designs Parisian restaurant Epoca

It would not be a true Emilie Bonaventure design with an equally impressive rest-room to match. Adding a sense of mystery, the light golden tones have been replaced with a rich mocha brown that magnifies the brass fixtures and fittings used within the space. Black tiles, work surface, basin and decorative curtains echo a similar use of colour in the main restaurant, in keeping with a Parisian grandeur depicted in many of Bonaventure's wonderful designs. 

Whether it is a cocktail, coffee or a full course meal, Epoca provides the full experience for all of its guests, from the designer ambience to the impressive cuisine. The restaurant is now on the international stage and there are no signs that it plans to leave any time soon.

For further details on Epoca, reservations and dining experiences, click to view the official Epoca Paris website via the link.


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  • Sarah Mailer: May 30, 2018

    Wow! I love everything about this design! The colour scheme with its high contrast elements, the sense of glamour and fantastic sense of balance. Thanks for sharing this Martyn – I will certainly be visiting on my next Parisian adventure!x

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