Eggersmann Design: Bespoke Kitchens and Joinery

Martyn White

Posted on October 14 2019

Eggersmann Design creates 'The dream kitchen' - a luxurious bespoke kitchen design tailored around their client's specifications and lifestyle. 

Located in London's Chelsea Design Quarter, Eggersmann Design brings together two of the best German kitchen and joinery manufacturers to provide high-end bespoke solutions for the home. With a reputation for creating luxurious kitchen designs that go beyond beautiful style and luxurious finishes, every kitchen is tailored entirely around the client's lifestyle and daily routines. All details, from the touch of a draw, as it slides open, to the accessibility and presentation and everyday use of the cabinets and appliances, are carefully thought out and incorporated into the overall seamless design. 

Eggersmann Design Bespoke Kitchen DesignEggersmann Design Bespoke Kitchen DesignEggersmann Design Bespoke Kitchen Design

One of the brand's stand-out projects is the kitchen created for a family of a five-bedroom, detached self-build home in Wimbledon. Tasked with creating a clean-lined, modern kitchen with a quietly impressive style, the team had to consider multiple aspects and uses for the space, including the daily use, from cooking, preparation and cleaning to the catering and entertainment of additional guests.

Clad entirely in Taj Mahal quartzite, the island is the centrepiece to the kitchen; an example of the precise engineering and exquisite craftsmanship required for the project with the solid quartzite of the drawer fronts painstakingly cut into slabs just 11mm-thick. The surrounding cabinetry takes on a darker tone, finished in a contrasting dark grey pigmented concrete, hand-trowelled to build up layers in a similar process to plastering. The exquisite finish produces a unique character, capturing light to add a greater depth and texture in comparison to standard smooth surfaces. Walnut wood introduces a warmer tone through the cut-outs, drawers and shelving. This luxurious material transitions through the extended interior space, used in the construction of the shelving unit, panelling and furniture in the dining and living spaces opposite. 

Eggersmann Design Bespoke Kitchen DesignEggersmann Design Bespoke Kitchen Design

Hot rolled steel is used for the outer worksurfaces, featuring an integrated double sink, expertly welded with a seamless join. The fine texture of the work surface limits any visibility of fingerprints and scratches, and while many of the appliances remain concealed from sight, the ones on display are presented flush to the cabinetry, ensuring that the clean lines and luxurious materials of the kitchen remain the prominent design aesthetic.

Vibrant pops of orange and purple hues inject colour into the interior through the velvet and leather upholstery. The adjacent lounge seating provides the perfect social space for guests to sit and chat with those preparing food in the kitchen. The curved form softens the edges of the interior, breaking up the straight lines and grid-like layout of the units. The brass metalwork of the baseboard echoes through the interior, seen in the barstools at the breakfast bar and the pendant lighting suspended above the kitchen island, creating balance to the design.

Eggersmann Design Bespoke Kitchen DesignEggersmann Design Bespoke Kitchen DesignEggersmann Design Bespoke Kitchen Design

At a time where many kitchen designs present themselves with a limited colour palette or a simple collection of surfaces, it is refreshing to witness a design studio such as Eggersmann Design pushing forward the boundaries in bespoke kitchen design. Using innovative materials, techniques and considering the daily routines and requirements of the home, the studio's creations go beyond being a kitchen in the house and become part of the user's lifestyle. 

For further details on the services provided and to explore the brand's portfolio of completed projects. Click to view the official Eggersmann Design website via the link. 


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