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Martyn White

Posted on October 18 2017

Talisman invited eight interior designers, stylists and artists to create a series of style rooms during this year's London Design Festival.

During the London Design Festival, Talisman London invited eight interior designers, stylists and artists to take part in the #DesignedAtTalisman exhibition. The exhibition transformed the New King's Road showroom into a collection of style rooms created to the individual style of the designers using Talisman's wide range of vintage items and bespoke designs. 

Designed at Talisman designers style rooms London Design Festival

The Designed at Talisman Designers

Designers involved in this very exciting project included Natalia Miyar designing the Florida informal sun and sitting room, Luke Edward Hall creating the Drawing Room, Maurizio Pellizzoni collaborating with Drummond to develop the bathroom, Olivia von Halle designing the Bedroom, Carden Cunietti producing the Dining Room, Artist Phulip Colbert constructing the Gallery and Hall, Hayley Newstead producing the Courtyard in the heart of the showroom and finally myself, Martyn White desinging the Cocktail Lounge. View the video below for a full walkaround of the eight style spaces during the festival.


Martyn White Designs - Cocktail Bar 

Being an avid fan of Art Deco design and having discovered the incredible doors on my first ever visit to the Talisman showroom, I wanted to expand on the popularity of home entertaining by designing a cocktail lounge that fits to a small space whilst capturing the glamour and style of a Deco style cocktail lounge that you might experience in the city. Focusing on the large doors, I had the bar upholstered in a rich purple velvet which I mirrored on the opposite wall, framed by dark grey to direct attention onto the chrome accessories that fill the space.

This room is designed to be rich, glamorous and moody. The perfect place to unwind and socialise with a drink or most definitely two.

Martyn White Designs Deco inspired bar Designed at TalismanMartyn White Designs Designed at Talisman Deco inspired cocktail barStainless steel racing car Art Deco Bar Talisman Martyn White DesignsDesigned at Talisman Martyn White Designs Art Deco Style Bar

Natalia Miyar Atelier - Florida Room 

Natalia Miyar created a calm oasis full of draped ivy, natural tones and floral patterns. The Florida Room was split into two spaces, one containing a beautiful velvet curved sofa surrounded by brass exotic animals and the other side, an infirmal sitting space, accessorised with bright and colourful cushions, glass and crystal vases and elegant lighting designs.

The space felt incredibly relaxing and gave visitors the option of style that they would like to surround themselves in, selecting one side over the other to experience first. The perfect escape from the unpredictable British weather.

Natalia Miyar Florida Room Natalia Miyar brass wall sculpture Designed at TalismanNatalia Miyar Florida Room with colourful cushion accessories

Cardin Cunietti - Midnight Feast 

The Dining Room was styled by Cardin Cunietti, creating an impressive dining space with adjoining lounge with contemporary fireplace. Using a deep blue hue on the walls, visitors attention was immediately drawn to the bright red / orange stripe that makes its way across the floor and up onto the fireplace. The table setting provided and impressive visual feast of fruits piled high, set alongside a selection of beautifully patterned crockery and servingware.

There is so much drama in this space that visitors could spend hours absorbing the detail. From the brass pelacons striding into the room unnanounced to the display cabinets full of luxurious accessories, the dining room is a feast for all.

Carden Cunietti Dining room Designed at Talisman Carden Cunietti Dining and living room designCarden Cunietti tableware Designed at Talisman

Maurizio Pellizzoni & Drummonds - The Bathroom

Working with Drummonds to create the perfect tropical bathroom, Maurizio Pellizzoni has combined traditional aspects such as the vintage style brass towel rail and the mesmerising chandelier lights with striking contemporary finishes including the black and white zig zag flooring and the vibrant pink cast iron bathtub.

The room has such a warm and welcoming feel to it and the addition of seating and decorative accessories  helps create a sanctury of relaxation and characterful fun. This is a bathroom designed for maxium soaking time with a refreshing cocktail to wind down the evinign with.

Maurizio Pellizzoni and Drummonds Designed at TalismanModern style brass wall sculpture Designed at TalismanMaurizio Pellizzoni for Drummond Bathroom Design

Hayley Newstead - Courtyard

Hayley Newstead and her company Absolute Flowers & Home created the Courtyard space in the very heart of the showroom, greeting guests with and impressive selection of foliage and exotic plants set against natural and brassy tones of the surrounding furniture and designs. With natural light flooding the room from the skylight, there is a beautiful connection with the outside world, enticing visitors to sit back in one of the chairs and take in their surroundings.

The mixture of sculptures, plants and orangery style furniture creates a unique space that tatalises the senses. Guests feel at ease and free to look, touch and interact with the space.

Hayley Newstead Courtyard Designed at TalismanHayley Newstead Courtyard Garden RoomHayley Newstead Absolute Flowers Designed at Talisman

Olivia Von Halle - The Bedroom

Pretty in pink, Olivia Von Halle designed the Bedroom style space with a feminine touch. The room centres around an impressive mirror clad four poster bed frame that instantly draws the eye in and directs it towards the luscious injections of emerald green and floral print upholstery launched by Olivia herself. 

The accessories in the bedroom are oversized and glamorous ranging from the large perfume decanters on the dresser to the floral petal table lamps either side of the bed. This design is a treasure trove of discovery and there is something in it for every person to fall in love with. 

Olivia von Halle Bedroom Designed at TalismanOlivia von Halle Style Room Designed at TalismanOlivia von Halle Bedroom Style Room Designed at Talisman

Luke Edward Hall - Drawing Room

Luke's unique design style has caught the attention of many and the same can be said for his Drawing Room created for the event. Adorned with large hand painted murals and accessorised with a vast amount of multi coloured vases, trinkets and accessories, one could spend hours exploring the space to uncover hidden treasures. One of the many focal points to the room are the two stone sphinx statues located at the very end of the room, framing the second seating area for visitors to enjoy.

The eclectic nature of the design introduces a charm to the drawing room that people rarely get to experience. Sitting within the walls, history and furniture, there will never be a shortage to talk about.

Luke Edward Hall Drawing Room Designed at Talisman Luke Edward Hall mural painted Talisman StoolsLuke Edward Hall Designed at Talisman Style Room London Design Festival

Philip Colbert - Gallery 

Artist Philip Colbert and his pop art label 'The Rodnik Band' styled the Gallery space the essentially takes over two rooms. This very eccentric design introduces a playful nature to the showroom, showcasing some of Colbert's latest collections of work, everything from pretzels to sequinned popcorn designs, lobster statues and neon cactuses. The end of the room takes on a more intimate space with lounge chairs around a coffee table whilst the first half resembles a chill out 'den' style space with a selection of eclectic seating designs, one resembling a baseball glove and others taking on the form of scissors and even a lobster.

The gallery will instantly put a smile on your face. Some of the artworks are daring and incite conversation. Every item stands by itself, screaming for attention but collectively work as a place to release your inner child.

Philip Colbert Gallery Designed at TalismanPhilip Colbert Pop Corn Art Designed at TalismanPhilip Colbert Gallery style room Designed at Talisman

Designed at Talisman was a huge success, pulling in the crowds during and after the London Design Festival. What I love about this brand is its ability to make vintage 'cool' ,introducing visitors to their showroom to styles and works that they may have never considered before. Whilst you could spend hours in each style space, you could spend days in the showroom, a temple to the weird, the wonderful and most definitely the unforgettable.

For further information on many of the items featured in the style rooms, visit the official Talisman London website. 

*Photography (Header image) Talisman (All other images) Martyn White


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