Decorex 2020: Great Escapes Virtual Style Spaces

Martyn White

Posted on November 29 2020

For the virtual edition of Decorex 2020, five talented designers / design studios were invited to create virtual style spaces under the theme of 'Great Escapes'.

As we all know too well, the design industry has been greatly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. This year has forced businesses, exhibitions and design fairs to cancel, re-schedule or re-invent themselves at very short notice to reach their audiences. For the 2020 edition of Decorex, the fair teamed up with Sleep & Eat to put on a virtual experience of tours, talks, design projects and much more. One of the most talked about highlights was the exiting take on the show's renowned style rooms called 'Great Escapes'. Five talented interior designers and interior design studios were invited to create their ultimate 'happy place'; a space to relax, unwind and have fun. Each of the five designs was created in the form of a 3D render / visualisation that allows visitors to virtually look around the space. See below highlights and short video walkthroughs for each of the projects. 

Dauley Design: Barbados Beach Villa

Alexandria Dauley of Dauley Design creates a luxurious and contemporary escape - a home that opens up and extends out directly onto the beach. The entire design and layout of the property revolves around the view with an entire glazed wall that frames both levels of the open-plan space. 

“The location of my Great Escape is the west coast of Barbados, a place that my extended family call home and an island I feel connected to. The white sand beaches, azure waters, warm breeze and lush tropical planting make for the perfect setting.”

VSP Interiors: Gothic Folly 

Henriette von Stockhausen, Co-Founder of VSP Interiors showcases this mesmerising bedroom interior as her great escape. Focusing on one room in particular, the bedroom is a place to feel relaxed and at ease. Gorgeous patterns, marriage of materials and a dreamy colour palette, it is easy to imagine oneself in this space. The design also won the Decorex award for 'Best Great Escape'.

“As it’s complicated to really go anywhere abroad at the moment I looked at options in the UK for my ‘Great Escape’.  I think this Rococo architecture is totally dreamlike while its fluidity and colours lend itself to an escape like dream.  Perhaps it’s not somewhere one would like to live all the time - therefore all the better for dreaming!”

Elicyon: The Ukiyo Yacht 

Chary Gandhi, Founder of Elicyon takes visitors on a voyage of luxury and relaxation with the designs of the Ukiyo Yacht. The interior exhibits a soft colour palette, beautiful textures and forms that reminisce over the natural and ever-changing surroundings of the ocean. 

“Inspired by the movement of waves and vessels crossing the seas, we have imagined a haven aboard our ‘UKIYO’ yacht; where you can escape the worries of the world. Crystalline and weathered materiality mixed with soft forms and natural curves cocoon you in a serene sanctuary.”

Louise Wicksteed Interiors: Coastal Retreat

Louise Wicksteed really does create a home away from home with this beautiful open plan studio. Showcasing a beautiful play of texture, from the wooden parquet flooring and paneling to the rich veins of the kitchen worktops and wonderful tiled wall, the coastal retreat is a calming escape from top to bottom. It also helps that there is a hot tub on the terrace to soak those worries away.

“For me the ‘Great Escape’ is all about celebrating a simpler existence, one where we can take the time to enjoy those daily rituals, from bathing, be it in the chilly sea or a wooden lined hot tub to that first cup of coffee in the morning, reading a book or sitting beside a roaring fire while the wind and rain grumbles outside.”

Campbell-Rey: Cloud 9

Taking a different direction for the project, Duncan Campbell & Charlotte Rey, Co-Founders of Campbell-Rey, create the Cloud 9 cocktail lounge. Visitors feel onto on the world within this intimate space that boats 360 degree views of the Manhattan skyline. Nestled amongst the plants and foliage is booth seating and armchairs, allowing to sip a cocktail or two while watching the city transform around them.

“For our Great Escapes we imagine a tiny intimate cocktail lounge atop a mythical early 20th century skyscraper in New York. With panoramic views over the city at dusk, the space has a sunken seating area at its centre, with design cues drawing on elements of art deco, streamline moderne and 1980s glamour.”

Decorex will return to its original schedule and its home of Olympia in 2021. For information on the virtual edition and news on upcoming events and fairs, click to view the official Decorex website. 

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