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Martyn White

Posted on August 31 2016

Restaurant design on an ultra-modern level. Designed by Michael Liu, Castello 4 transports guests into a futuristic dimension of luxury dining and socialising away from the crowded streets of Hong Kong.

Located in the heart of Hong Kong, Castello 4 is a luxury restaurant and bar with a striking design that sets itself apart from the rest. Serving fine Italian cuisine, Castello 4 has instantly gained a name for itself, becoming the "go to" destination for visitors looking for a unique dining experience and luxury retreat to sit back, socialise and enjoy a cocktail within the bar's ultra modern and sophisticated surroundings. Designed by Michael Liu, I take a look at the striking features and fine details that define this restaurant as the new luxury dining icon.

Castello 4 Luxury modern bar and restaurant design reviewLuxury modern designer bar and restaurant Castello 4Castello 4 Hong Kong luxury restaurant and bar

The angular exposed concrete pillars create a folding symmetrical pattern that stretches the entire length of the space, creating the shape of a vaulted ceiling and allowing sight lines to run unobstructed down the centre of the room towards the central copper bar. These columns also emphasise the height of the five meter high ceilings, creating an illusion of a much grander scale. The designer has successfully managed to transform a standard retail unit within an ordinary building into a revolutionary hall, drawing attention from passers-by and impressing visitors upon arrival. 

Entrance to Castello 4 luxury restaurant and barWorlds most beautiful and luxurious barsModern bar with exposed concrete and copper barStriking luxury bar designs Castello 4 Hong Kong

The original finishing and shell of the space have been retained adding to the drama and character of the design. The addition of the cement board pillars and rusty plates create a perfect partnership with the exposed, rough textured concrete walls, adding to the raw and authentic feel. Weathered screens, laser-cut with a geometric triangular pattern have been placed in front of the large windows to allow natural light to pass through the space but contain an intimate atmosphere away from the outside world. The distribution of lighting has been used to highlight features, add defining characteristics and transform the ambience of the room, accentuating natural light during the day whilst setting a softer, sophisticated tone during the evening. 

Castello 4 signage on exposed concrete wallLuxury table setting at modern restaurant Castello 4 Hong KongLuxury table setting at modern restaurant Castello 4matt brass detailing at Castello 4 Hong Kong

The main bar area acts as the central feature, framed by the rising modern columns and split by seating areas to both sides. It is the small details such as the custom marble dining tables with legs that match the style of the room that add a depth and beauty to the design. The open floor plan creates a spacious area for customers to gather and socialise whilst ensuring easy navigation and movement around the bar at busy intervals. 

With such a competitive market in restaurant design, it is always refreshing to discover projects such as this that pay a strong attention to detail, materials and interaction within a space. In a city famed for impressive restaurants, inquisitive style and luxurious service, Castello 4 rises to the challenge to achieve something new. 

For further details, information and reservations, click to visit the Castello 4 website.


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