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Martyn White

Posted on August 21 2017

Architectural firm Archiplan Studio design a beautiful contemporary three-storey apartment in Milan. The interior features a large wooden geometric screen to divide the space.

Located in the picturesque city of Milan, Italy, Architectural firm Archiplan Studio have designed a striking interior that enhances the limited space that is common amongst many classic city apartments. Originally set out over two floors; a basement level and double height ground floor, the studio has transformed the space into a three level open-plan living design that maximises the use of space whilst allowing natural light to flood all three floors of the home, creating a pleasant and connected environment that caters for life's challenges. 

Luxury Milan apartment with split level open plan livingGeometric wooden screen divideLuxury light fittings against wooden geometric screenDuring the renovation, an additional glass mezzanine level was added to the longest half of the double height room. Utilising the amount of space available for occupants, this new floor includes a second double bedroom, a large amount of concealed storage space and a new quiet seating area, located away from the main living quarters for those looking for secluded privacy above.

The central focus of the design is a large, double height geometric wooden screen that stretches the entire length of the extended floor. This divide splits each room whilst allowing natural light to pass through, keeping each part of the home naturally light. Another advantage to this style of divide is the visual space that it creates, making rooms appear larger due to the lack of solid boundaries.

Luxury Milan apartment open plan with decorative geometric wooden screen wallDecorative contemporary wooden lanterns

The main living quarters retains the original height of the ceiling, creating a central hub for the family to socialise, relax and entertain within. A long structured sofa with split back runs in parallel to the dining room, providing ample soft seating for the home whilst not disturbing the sightlines through the screen. Black metal woven foot stools mirror the circular chairs on the higher level, adding depth and contrast to the light and natural materials used throughout the design. Three oversized contemporary pendant lights have been suspended in one corner above the sofa, emphasizing the height of the room, drawing the eyes up to the higher level and white beam ceiling above. 

Split level open plan interior design Milan Apartment by Archiplan StudioDining space with glass ceiling and floor to maximise lightLuxury home accessories on the sideboard in this Milan Apartment

The dining room has a cosy and intimate feel to it with walls and divides closing it in on all sides. This part of the home explores a diverse use of materials. Glass has been used in the construction of the floor and ceiling, textured wallpaper adorns the main feature wall and soft floor to ceiling drapery fabric have been used to frame the window. Wood can be seen in the main screen divide whilst the white metal framework of the stairs encloses guests into this space as they socialise and enjoy meals of the day. Whilst all but one of the walls remains solid, each material used carefully weaves a warm and welcoming space that you would expect from a home dining environment.

Lower level bedroom with glass ceiling into the dining spaceStairs down to the lower level bedroom

Walking down a set of glass steps with winding white metal railing, we make our way into the master bedroom that occupies the basement floor. With limited access to windows, the designers replaced part of the ground floor with glass panels, allowing natural light to flow from the much larger windows above and fill the bedroom below. Thin wooden slats add a level of privacy and direct light to where it is required. The floor has been split into three main areas; the en suite bathroom, dressing and storage area and finally the bedroom. Located through an open archway, the bedroom continues the use of natural woods, adding soft and warming tones. In addition to the wood, colour has been introduced through the use of a powder blue throw and accessories for the bed, a subtle reference to the tint of the glass and reflection of the sky.

View into the kitchen from the dining and main living spaceTop level bedroom with wardrobe and seating area looking down into main living spaceWardrobe and dressing area with black metal seating

The Milazzo Appartamento project by Archiplan Studio faces the continuing problem that many of us face, and that is limited space. This is an issue that is only expected to grow as the populations of our cities increase and occupants have to live within the confines of smaller spaces. By targeting this problem with an open plan layout, the design is exploiting every inch of space for the eye to see, essentially creating multiple spaces from one room. Not only does the design look great, psychologically it puts the mind at ease by creating a home that has a natural flow, a beauty and calmness where every object has a place and every place has a use.

For further details on this design and others undertaken by Archiplan Studio, click to view their official website.

Photography: Davide Galli Atelier 


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