The Canal House, Amsterdam

Martyn White

Posted on March 03 2016

The Canal House, an impressive conversion project by Witteveen Architects including a bathroom en-suite that fills up with water by using the innovative HI-MACS® material.

With such an overwhelming response to an image that I posted on the Canal House design, you have been contacting me in your thousands to find out more about this incredible project. With over nine million people already viewing this project across my platforms, I am incredibly excited to show you the full Canal House project, completely renovated by HI-MACS® Quality Club Member Houthwerk BV, based on a design by Witteveen Architects. 

Large warehouse apartment with industrial interior design and exposed red brickworkopen plan stainless steel kitchen with industrial style suspended mezzanine floormezzanine iron clad floor between original columns industrial warehouse design

The entire property has been renovated and modernised to a very high standard, whilst still highlighting its incredible character and industrial style features. Beautiful natural wood floors can be seen throughout the property, complimented by the exposed brickwork and industrial style black metal. The final material of choice is a unique material, allowing the design to have particular features unlike any other. This material is HI-MACS®, a solid surface material that can be moulded into any shape, in the Canal House it adds the minimalist clean lines and white surfaces throughout. 

Open plan living space with exposed red brickwork and large industrial windowsstainless steel modern kitchen in an open plan industrial warehouseDouble staircase leading up to the mezzanine level

Before we see the full capabilities of this diverse surface, I wanted to take you through some of the other stunning details of this project. A double staircase stand side by side, divided only by a wall. Each staircase takes you through to a different part of the house, leading up to the gorgeous suspended industrial walkway. This beautiful metal finish creates such a feature across the main living space, adding a striking contrast and a visual cut across the room. The metal steps back to allow the original features and decorative designs of the supporting columns to take a central focus. 

Large black industrial pendant light on the landing hallway sectionsimple button release for the sliding doorsArtwork at the end of hallway behind large double industrial doors

To create a visual divide between the kitchen area and the rest of the living space, and understandably for hygiene reasons of a kitchen, we see a change in materials used. The natural wooden flooring gives way to a clean and glossy HI-MACS® finish, whilst the rest of the surfaces are presented in that classic modern stainless steel finish that we have all grown to love in the kitchen. 

Keeping in reference with the industrial style is the selection of lighting pendants that you can see in the dining space and hallway. Both created beautiful features, drawing the lighting down across the table in the dining area and acting as a sculptural work of art and focal point in the hallway. 

simple walk in wardrobe with natural wood floor and black lacquered wood finished wardrobesLarge industrial doors slide back to reveal the shower and washroomMaster bedroom with sunken lower level bedroom and storage spaceDouble level master bedroom with dark wood flooring and storage

As we make our way into the bedroom you are greeted by a dual level space, centred around a full height window which floods the space with light. What I particularly love about this space is the use of another visual divide. The top level continues the flow of natural wood, white surfaces and industrial metal features as you are directed to the shower, bathroom and walk in wardrobe. As you make your way down into the bedroom area, there is a contrast of dark woods used with a minimalist approach to storage used, integrating it into the bedside walls. I love the openness of this space, it creates a beautiful flow and an unobstructed view of the outside world.

Hallway to walk in sunken bath and bedroom areastep down bath and wet room fill the room with water to bathe

The feature that really sells this space is the bathroom. As I mentioned before, the below image has been viewed over nine million times already on my social media. This phenomenal space and concept were only possible because of the incredible use of HI-MACS®. Moulding the material to a room or space creates the perfect waterproof surface perfect for bathrooms, allowing for limitless and very creative opportunities. It is fascinating to see just how one material can transform a space as it has done with the Canal House. By combining innovative materials with elegance in design, the Canal House in Amsterdam is definitely one of the most unique and outstanding designs I have encountered.

Clean minimalist shower

Project Location: Lauriergracht Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Material: HI-MACS® S28 Alpine White (3 & 12mm)

Design: Witteveen Architects

Fabrication: Houtwerk BV. (HI-MACS Quality Club Member)

HI-MACS® Supplier: Baars & Bloemhoff, The Netherlands

Photography: Herman van Heusden


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