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Martyn White

Posted on February 21 2016

I had the pleasure of interviewing the internationally renowned interior designer, André Fu to discuss the launch of his new living collection and find out a bit more about him.

André Fu has been an incredible inspiration to myself as far back as I can remember. An extremely talented interior designer with a standout signature style that incorporates the beauty and style from multiple cultures, creating a design that is instantly recognisable as his own. I had the pleasure of interviewing Fu to ask him about his upcoming projects, inspirations and his venture into a brand new living range.

Interview with Andre Fu

How would you describe your signature style?

"A modern aesthetics that embraces the spirit of contemporary Asian sensibilities. I have always been reluctant to describe my style, as I am currently working extensively in Asia, with our portfolio extending to a few upcoming projects in Provence and London. Perhaps Storytelling is a key part in my work and much of the design inspirations are drawn to embrace the sense of place – that is why stylistically, I would consider my work being extremely diverse. However, the pursuit for comfort remains the heart of my beliefs in design."

How do you draw inspiration for your projects?

"My upbringing partially in Asia and also in Europe has allowed me to experience 2 distinct cultures first hand – I always see my inspirations being also drawn from the opportunity to observe the different ways of life that is empowered in history and heritage."

Kioku Restaurant - Four Seasons Hotel, Seoul


What materials do you most like working with and why?

"Bamboo timber is a material that is close to my heart – it is a material that is fundamentally Asian and possesses a sense of warmth. It is also a rapidly renewable source of material."

What would you say has been your most challenging project so far?

"The Upper House Hotel in Hong Kong – as it is very much conceived as an antithesis to the hospitality scene in Asia. It is all about intimate and personal spaces with a strong focus on comfort."

Whilst we never like to pick favourites, do you have a project that is special to you?

"A recent collaboration with COS to create a unique urban landscape installation to showcase their fashion collection. We took over a derelict pier in Hong Kong’s waterfront and converted into a sensory journey somewhat."

Urban Landscape, COS, Hong Kong


You have been such an inspiration to myself, do you have an interior designer that has been an inspiration to yourself?

"Jean Michel Frank – for his timeless artisanal creations."

What is your favourite type of space to design?

"I have always enjoyed working on hospitality projects as I see them as the most holistic form of design that is conducted to all aspects on creating experiences."

Yu Yuan Green asian inspired luxury restaurant

Yu Yuan Restaurant - Four Seasons Hotel, Seoul


How would you say your designs have developed over time?

"I am increasingly less interested in creating places to make in impression purely on aesthetics. Instead, I am much more interested in pursuing to create places that people want to come back to – places that are welcoming and inviting."

Many people are incredibly excited to hear about the launch of AFL, myself included. What has made you expand into this area?

"My understanding of the latest evolution in the world of hospitality design is that it gradually demands more profound human sensitivity. As such, I wanted to move into the broader world of lifestyle with the establishment of André Fu Living. My vision is very much in the spirit of a select shop – a selective of artisanal objects created without a plan in mind. It is about a journey of discovery, exploration and ultimately collaborations in every sense."

Andre Fu Fragrance Living

New Fragrance from André Fu Living, Fueguia | André Fu Book


What is next for André Fu?

"In March, we shall be previewing a collaboration with Graham & Cooper for a collection of bathroom fixtures. We are also working with a renowned glass company with a collective due to be presented at Salone del Mobile in Milan this year."


Already being awarded the highly sought-after title "Designer of the year 2016" at Maison & Objet Asia and with so many projects and plans in place for the year, there is no doubt that Fu is the designer to follow. It has been such a pleasure to interview a designer that I have admired and followed for many years. I cannot wait to see the Living brand unfold and even more, products released. After trying out Fueguia for myself, I can honestly say that it is a beautiful warm and woody fragrance that not only sits well but lasts for a such a long time.

To discover more from the Living range, click HERE to visit the André Fu Living website and store. If you would like to discover more from his interior design projects, click HERE to visit the official AFSO website.


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