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Martyn White

Posted on November 15 2015

Christie's asked four leading design bloggers to style a room using objects from their upcoming Interiors sale. 

To be invited to style a space at Christie's, one of the world's most iconic and largest auction houses, will always be a moment that I look back at with sheer delight. Whilst the majority of my designs centre around contemporary and modern pieces, I have always had an incredible appreciation for antique furniture and was thrilled to be able to work with such pieces.

Martyn White Designs Interior Styling at Christie's Auction House

With a catalog of 700 antiques items to choose from, it was my task to create a space that captured the beauty and character of these items as well being one that represented myself and a style that I loved. I could not wait to get stuck in with the task and within seconds of opening the catalog, I knew instantly that I wanted to include the Victorian Chesterfield sofa. This classic design is one of my all time favourites and they look incredible within so many spaces. Victorian Tan Chesterfield Sofa

I wanted the design to embrace simplicity. It would have been far too easy to fill the room with many beautiful items and have them all overpower one another so I limited my selection to allow them to stand out. There is a lot of stigma towards white walls, being cold or making a space feel empty however, when you are selecting many striking pieces, you can use lighter walls to your advantage and allow them to frame your choices.

Sailing painting with gold frame next to tanned chesterfield sofa

Amongst the rich golds and tans, I wanted to add small hints of red and blue as a sort of patriotic gesture to the gentleman's drawing room style that had inspired my design. With this in mind, the Salvatore Colacicco shipping painting was the perfect choice as it had a masculine look and incorporated the perfect shades of blue for the space. The final item that I instantly fell in love with was the Bronze Marly Horse Groups. These horses have such a dramatic presence and fit the style of the room so well that I wanted them to be the main feature for the right side of the space. Your eyes are immediately drawn towards them and it is at this point that you can really appreciate the beauty behind their design.

Antique Bronze horses

Overall, the space is just what I had in mind. It was incredibly exciting to put the design together and working with Christie's has really opened my eyes to designs and styles that I would never have considered before. I set out to create a contemporary take on the gentleman's drawing room and I have fallen in love with every piece in the process. I would love to thank Christie's for the incredible opportunity, it has been such an experience.

Drawing room inspiration with chesterfield sofa and antiques

 Click HERE to be taken to Christie's daily, where you can view the full article and interview and discover what other designs were created during the event. 

Photographs by Carol Sachs

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