1508 London: Project Esra

Martyn White

Posted on August 22 2016

Clean lines, simple surfaces and a design that connects to the outside world, 1508 London design a duplex penthouse located in Istanbul, Turkey.

In my second 1508 London feature, I wanted to exhibit the diversity of design, technique and style that this incredibly talented team are able to by showcasing their Project Esra design. Located in Istanbul, this duplex penthouse has been inspired by the surrounding city and the stunning views of the Bosphorus. In stark contrast to the traditional and historical values of the previously featured Project Pearl, we can clearly see the adaptation of concept and design for an entirely different space and environment. 

Luxury modern living in Istanbul designed by 1508 London open plan homeLuxury modern reception area in beautiful house in Istanbul designed by 1508 Modern luxury living in Istanbul with beautiful views designed by 1508

With clean lines and light open spaces, the design draws attention to the luxurious detailing and high quality finishes seen throughout. Features such as the decorative metal screen that divide the stairs from the living space have been intricately cut with hundreds of triangles. This captivating work adds a unique artistic value to the space, reflecting the surrounding views whilst deflecting light down the stairs, constantly changing with the light in the room. 

Modern luxury staircase with intricate metal detaining Istanbul designed by 1508

Boasting frameless floor to ceiling windows across the entirety of the duplex, these glazed walls slide back to allow for unobstructed views and a greater connection with the outside world. With such a vast and impressive views, this project not only lets you sit back and appreciate the beauty of the Bosphorus, the design feeds off it too. Working with local craftsmen, materials have been selected to create statement pieces that mirror the colours and movements in the surrounding city. A beautiful example of this can be seen with the luscious Blue Onyx used on the kitchen island with its hypnotic bands of soft colour, imitating the movement of water.

Luxury kitchen in this modern house design in Istanbul designed by 1508 Luxury modern kitchen designed by 1508 with Blue Onyx finishLuxuey bedroom detail in this modern house in Istanbul designed by 1508 Luxury bedroom design in this modern house in Istanbul designed by 1508Luxury modern marble washroom with circular mirror and pendant lighting

Exploiting the beauty of such a diverse collection of materials within an open plan space is no easy task. 1508 have not only managed to achieve this, they have executed Project Esra with an overwhelming elegance and grace. What can often pose as disadvantages within interior design have been used as opportunities to create an outstanding space. Whilst it may appear simple upon first glance, 1508 have written a detailed story that forever changes with time. 

To view more details on the brand and discover their other projects, click to view the official 1508 London website. 



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