1508 London: Project Adam

Martyn White

Posted on February 07 2018

Luxury interior design studio 1508 London completes project Adam; a striking apartment located at Grosvenor Square, combining timeless design with striking elegance.

Featuring the luxurious designs of Project Pearl and Project Esra back in 2016, it is time to return to the talented interior design studio 1508 London and discover another one of their breathtaking designs; Project Adam, a striking apartment located at Grosvenor Square in Mayfair. The interior combines timeless quality with impressive detail and elegance that respects the historical features of the surrounding area whilst creating a unique and contemporary character of its very own. 

1508 Interior Designers London Project Adam Living Space1508 Interior Designers London Project Adam Living Space1508 Interior Designers London Project Adam Dining Space

Utilising the natural light that floods in through the windows, select walls have been clad with antiqued mirror panels to open up each space and reflect the light. Within the living room, a magnificent white marble-clad fireplace graces the room with its presence, overlooking a contrasting dark wood built-in display unit splits the living and dining spaces from one another. The rosewood timer and rich herringbone floors that run throughout the property add a traditional elegance, dressed with lighter fabrics and peaceful tones of blue, gold and ivory. The theme of contrasts continues with the use of decorative traditional wooden armchairs paired with the clean lines and simple form of the upholstered lounge chairs. A range of beautiful accessories dress the two spaces from crystal table lamps and vases to handcrafted frames and decorative ornaments.

1508 London Interior Design Project Adam Kitchen 1508 London Interior Design Project Adam Kitchen

Set aside from the main living areas, the kitchen has an inviting and intimate feel to it, echoing the soft colour palette of ivory and gold. Dark woods have been replaced with stone as the main material of choice, providing clean lines and simple surfaces expected from a luxurious kitchen design. Antiqued mirror glass with an etched geometric pattern has been used to clad an internal room, reflecting the breakfast bar and kitchen island and highlighting the detail of the surrounding room. Clutter has no place in this kitchen and all appliances, utensils and gadgets have been cleverly concealed within the units, allowing the eyes to drift across the interior with no visual interruption.

1508 London Interior Design Project Adam Bedroom1508 London Interior Design Project Adam Bedroom

The Master bedroom is a hidden oasis of comfort. Plush carpeting and a large upholstered wall ensure that sounds are softened whilst creating a dreamy and calming space to relax and unwind in. Decorative wall panelling is finished in luxurious silk wallpaper, keeping to the muted natural tones of the room. A key feature of the space is a large work of art displayed directly behind the bed; a sculptural design depicting falling leaves caught in motion. The white and golden leaves represent the main colour theme for the room, reflected in the choice of bedding, home accessories and other works on display in the suite.

This is another incredible project added to the 1508 name.  I have always been impressed by the skill of the team and their ability to effortlessly draw inspiration from the fabric of an original building, the heritage and area that surrounds it whilst managing to produce an elegant and timeless style. Whether it is a modern penthouse in Istanbul or a heritage site in London, quality is never compromised and a beautiful story is always ready to be told. 

For further details on this project and others undertaken by the 1508 London team, click to view the official website via the link. 


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  • David James : February 16, 2018

    Such a sense of ‘London elegance’ fantastic project!!!!

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