Tom Dixon Showroom, New York

Martyn White

Posted on April 29 2018

Visiting the Tom Dixon showroom on Howard Street, New York during my recent visit to the city to discover how the brand has gone down stateside. 

Back in 2015, Tom Dixon opened a temporary showroom in Manhattan, the first outside of London. A year later and the brand launched their impressive and permanent 19 Howard Street store in a former boot making factory, just a few doors down from the luxurious 11 Howard hotel. In only a few years, Tom Dixon appears to be taking over America, with another store opening in Los Angeles as the brand becomes the go-to destination for contemporary lighting designs and an impressive ever-expanding home accessories collection. Having heard so much about the New York showroom, it was time to experience it for myself, especially the very unique furry room that has attracted quite a bit of attention. 

Tom Dixon Showroom New York Tom Dixon Showroom New York Tom Dixon Showroom New York

Set out over three floors, the showroom contains all of the fantastic Tom Dixon products that you would expect, from the iconic light fixtures to the plethora of scented candles, each with their individual scents and looks. Each area of the showroom has been styled with its own personality, pairing items and designs that work well together. A collection of copper Melt Pendant lights have been suspended in the shop to attract attention and lure passers-by into the store, alongside the instantly recognisable neon Tom Dixon logo. Visitors are greeted by a long central table displaying all the latest home accessories to touch and interact with. The entire space has been designed in such a way that you really do feel at ease and that no product is off bounds. 

Tom Dixon Showroom New York Tom Dixon Showroom New York Tom Dixon Showroom New York

The room that instantly brings a smile to one's face is the furry room. Clad in black faux-fur with a bionic blue floor, the room has been designed to showcase the products in unfamiliar and unusual surroundings, accessorised with beautiful brass tones, beat pendant lighting and bash home accessories. The space is a testament to the brand, challenging perceptions from a retail and home perspective whilst receiving a hugely positive response. Upstairs has been earmarked for the larger pieces of furniture such as dining tables, armchairs and sofas, a place to relax and enjoy a direct connection with the furniture. The basement, a place that Dixon himself has joked 'resembles a torture chamber' is used to show what the lighting looks like in different conditions. 

Tom Dixon Showroom New York Tom Dixon Showroom New York Brass Pendant LightsTom Dixon Showroom New York Tank Vase

My trip to the showroom was a fantastic experience, one of a familiar brand in a distant and exciting land. After the increasing popularity of the brand year on year, it is great to see the Tom Dixon ship set sail for new destinations as the eyes of the world are attracted for exciting new designs. With an exciting new chapter developing, I cannot wait to discover what is next for Tom Dixon designs. 

For further information on the New York showroom or to discover more about the designs featured, click to view the official Tom Dixon website via the link.



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  • Tamsin : June 11, 2018

    Loving that beautiful black fur wall <3 <3 <3

  • Edoris: May 01, 2018

    Love, Love, Love everything Tom Dixon! An amazing design influence!

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