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Martyn White

Posted on December 04 2016

Having experienced the launch of Fredrikson Stallard's lighting and Atelier Home collections during the London Design Festival, I was thrilled to be invited to the official UK launch of the full Atelier collection in collaboration with nine iconic designers. During the event I also had the pleasure of taking over the Swarovski Snapchat for the second time. Click to view the first Snapchat takeover for Fredrikson Stallard or the second with Swarovski Atelier Home. Below, you can see eight of the nine brands that make up this incredible and diverse collection of designs. 

Atelier Home Collection from SwarovskiSwarovski Atelier Home Collection


The first thing that you notice with the Prism collection is the striking and vibrant colours used within the designs. Constructed from crystal prisms, colour has been inserted between the connections to create a fascinating optical illusion. As the user moves around the objects, the combination of colour and precision cut angles changes the look and feel of the item, sometimes appearing as a solid colour, other times exposing the angular connections of the prisms. 

Tomás Alonso Prism Swarovski Atelier Home CollectionTomás Alonso Prism tray Swarovski Atelier Home Collection


This incredible chess set design from an inspirational architect is an ode to the cityscapes of Milan and New York where some of Libeskind’s most iconic buildings are located. With mixed materials such as concrete, marble, aluminium, silver and Swarovski crystal, each piece has an individual look and feel, creating not only a beautifully modern chess set but a work of art for those surrounding it to admire.

Daniel Libeskind Swarovski Atelier HomeDaniel Libeskind Architecture and the City Swarovski Atelier Home Collection


Inspired by traditional candle stick holders, Kim Thomé has evolved and developed their designs, creating a modern take on a familiar design. Plinth features a stainless steel tapering base in three sizes, mixed with a halo of coloured Swarovski crystal, available in Silver, Chrysolite, Rose, Rosaline and Grey. These timeless designs look great grouped together in multiple size and colours, allowing the user to create their preferred look. 

Kim Thomé Plinth Swarovski Atelier Home collectionKim Thomé Plinth Swarovski Atelier Home Collection


The abstract forms of Fredrikson Stallard's Glaciarium collection have been inspired by the raw form of crystal. Consisting of a vase, bowl, candlestick holders, night light and centrepiece, the designs take on mysterious forms that reveal themselves upon interaction with the objects. Glaciarium puts curiosity and excitement back into design, creating a sculptural collection with a striking presence that is sure to be the talking point for any environment they are placed in.

Fredrikson Stallard Glaciarium Swarovski Atelier HomeFredrikson Stallard Glaciarium Swarovski Atelier Home


Combining contrasting materials such as marble, crystal and pink onyx to create a single stem vase that looks different from every angle. Aldo Bakker’s Crystal Vase collection features modular vases in three sizes. The base acts as a shallow water pool, with the body crafted from three interconnecting elements in either faceted stone or crystal. The combination of materials effortlessly plays with light and reflection, creating a luxurious work of art. 

Aldo Bakker Crystal Vase Swarovski Atelier HomeAldo Bakker Crystal Vase Swarovski Atelier Home


Featuring a new laser-jet crystal printing technique, the Printed collection displays a captivating gradient of rich colour that almost appears to be etched into the crystal at multiple angles. The modern beveled facets and various sizes give this series a magical appearance, with distorted reflections augmented by the crystal faceting.

Raw Edges Printed Swarovski Atelier Home CollectionRaw Edges Printed Swarovski Atelier Home Collection


Modern luxury lantern design with a classic Swarovski crystal reference. Inspired by life beyond the terrestrial, Swarovski crystals have been scattered over a polished surface to create a sparkling and multicoloured surface that transforming and adapting itself in different lights. Having admired this collection in multiple lighting conditions, I was surprised to discover just how much colour Luxe Orbit presents when located in White and day light, whilst reflecting the warming tones with elegant sparkles when positioned in candle and soft lighting. 

Tord Boontje Luxe Orbit Swarovski Atelier Home CollectionTord Boontje Luxe Orbit Swarovski Atelier Home Collection


Crafted entirely from clear Swarovski crystal, the Alphabet & Numbers collection is exactly as its name states, a full series of numbers and letters created in a brand new font designed especially for this project. The purity and clean lines of the crystal attract and reflect light in all directions, immediately drawing the eye in to witness the spectacle of light and playful take on a favourite number, letter or even word formation. 

Ron Arad Alphabet and Numbers Swarovski Atelier HomeRon Arad Alphabet and Numbers Swarovski Atelier Home Collection

Working with such a diverse collection of designers from multiple professions and background has created an Atelier Home range unlike anything seen before. The objects not only represent the skills and ideas of the incredible designers behind them, they represent the Swarovski brand, its evolution and the impressive properties of the crystal used. 

For further information, release dates and collection details, click to view the official Swarovski Atelier Home Collection website. 



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