Spirit of Christmas 2016

Martyn White

Posted on November 20 2016

The Christmas season is now well underway and the streets of the capital are busier than ever in the run up to the big day. To get myself into the Christmas Spirit and find inspiration for gifts this year, I made my way to the Spirit of Christmas fair that was hosted at Olympia betweem 30th October and 5th November. With camera in hand, I was on the hunt to find the very best from the fair for the home in accessories, decoration and art. Below are my top four brands from this year's exhbition that got me inspired. 

The Spirit of Christmas Fair London

Claribel London 

With their gorgeous knitted cushions and throws, beautiful fabric prints and elegant colour palette, Claribel has what it takes to transform your home into a cosy Winter retreat. As I approached the stand, I was embraced by the incredble homely scent of their Pain D'Épices candles. Their table display had me most inspired, a perfect example of how their items can be dressed up for the Christmas season with a little help from wrapped candle boxes, winter berries and golden candle Christmas trees. My favourite item on display however had to be the Holland throw. This throw has Winter comfort written all over it and its beautiful thick knit made me want to wrap myself up in it and fall asleep on the sofa. 

Claribel London Home accessories at the Spirit of Christmas FairChristmas candles and table decorations by Claribel LondonClaribel Candles Spirit of Christmas LondonWarm and cosy cushions and accessories from Claribel London plush throws and fabrics from Claribel London at the Spirit of Christmas

Cissy Cook Designs 

It would not be a Spirit Fair without seeing the creative and mesmerising designs from Cissy Cook. It was great to see personal favourites on display that I have fallen in love with over the year as well as discovering new designs and materials being used. People were stopped in their tracks, mesmerised by the delicate 3D designs on display, egarly wanting to find out more and how they have been created. New designs included butterflies with luminous pink undersides that reflect colour onto the canvas as well as new materials such as the metallic blue finish that you can see below. With such a gorgeous collection available, my favourite remains to be the elegant white on white finish of the oak leaves design. 

Cissy Cook Pink butterflies art work Spirit of ChristmasCissy Cook artwork on display at the Spirit of ChristmasCisst Cook butterflies art work on display at the Spirit of ChristmasCissy Cook silver circles artwork on display at the Spirit of Christmas

Charles Farris

When it comes to a cosy Winter home, there is no better way to complete a seasonal touch than by adding the perfect complimenting scent. Another stand that lured me in with their captivating and cosy frangrances was Charles Farris, an iconic candle company with an impressive history to match their scents. Covering everything from church candles to reed diffusers, Charles Farris has an impressive collection to choose from. After much contemplation and an extreme amount of smelling, my favourite item from the collection was the Rubus Signature 3 scent. 

Rathbornes candles on display at the Spirit of ChristmasRathbornes Candles at The Spirit of Christmas Fair LondonCharles Farris Candles at the Spirit of Christmas Charles Farris Candles on display at the Spirit of Christmas Fair London 2016


No home is complete until it has a striking floral display, acting as a centrepiece to a table setting or sideboard. Bloomon is a fantastc idea, personalising floral displays to the season, enuring that your home changes with the time of year. I have always been impressed with the selections of flowers on display, introducing visitors to new flowers and exotic styling. With a click of your mouse, you can order a floral display in one of three sizes and even match the vase to the display. Whilst the displays constantly change, I am a big believer that big bouquets are always best and would recommend going large to amplify the beauty. 

Bloomon Floral display at the Spirit of Christmas Fair LondonFloral display at Bloomon Spirit of Christmas Fair LondonFloral Display for Bloomon at the Spirit of Christmas Fair LondonWinter floral displays ready for Christmas at the Sprit of Christmas Fair London

With another fantastic year under its belt, The Spirit of Christmas is the place to be if you are looking for a little festive fun and a lot of inspiration. With such a diverse collection of brands ranging from home accessories and jewellery to holidays and food, there is something for all on display under the iconic arches of Olympia. 

For further details, exhibiting brands and ticket information, click to view the official website for the Spirit of Christmas.

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