Mathieu Lehanneur: Spring

Martyn White

Posted on October 17 2016

As London geared up to host yet another successful and inspiring Design Festival, I was lucky enough to preview Mathieu Lehanneur's works on display at a beautiful gallery in central London. Designs on display included the mesmerising "Liquid Marble" series to be showcased at the V&A only a few weeks later for the public to admire. Whilst I am familiar with Lehanneur's works, this was the first time I was able to view his designs up close and personal, surrounded by design lovers and Mathieu Lahanneur himself. 

S.M.O.K.E Onyx by Mathieu Lehanneur lighting artMathieu Lehanneur lighting design S.M.O.K.E OnyxMathieu Lehanneur Lighting S.M.O.K.E OnyxS.M.O.K.E Onyx on display in a London Gallery for London Design Festival

S.M.O.K.E Onyx appears to capture a moment in time, the movement and bubbling of a surface. Blown glass sits upon an elegant stone plinth, lit from within to create beautiful light and shadows as you walk around this incredibly mesmerising floor lamp. The internal light also connects the glass to the stone, adding a beautiful glow changing in colour between the stone and glass.

Les Cordes lighting designs Mathieu Lehanneur Mathieu Lehanneur Les Cordes on display at London Gallery

Conceived as a rope of light crossing the ceiling, this modern chandelier is a true masterpiece and amazing feat of construction and craftsmanship. What is so impressive about this design is that only the curved glass and light itself can be seen, any joins, connections and wiring are entirely hidden from sight, allowing the movement and perfect curves in the glass to be admired with no obstructions, and looks particularly impressive contrasting against a traditional space. 

Liquid Marble black coffee table with glass top from Mathieu LehanneurLiquid Aluminium coffee table replicating the sea by Mathieu LehanneurLiquid Aluminium coffee table by Mathieu Lehanneur

The Liquid Marble and Aluminium tables took centre stage, acting as a preview for the design to be showcased during this year's London Design Festival at the Victoria & Albert Museum. These tables are unlike anything that I have seen, cutting and moulding the materials into the form of moving water, creating a very realistic and impressive effect which has then been encased in glass for the table top surface. 

Spring Lamp designed by Mathieu LehanneurSpring closeup luxury lighting detail designed by Mathieu Lehanneur

The Spring lamps take on a similar concept to that of the Les Cordes relation, using ribbed glass which appears to move in perfect arched form, from one space to another. With multiple glass tubes ejecting from a cylindrical marble base, the table lamp has an architectural quality about itself, a paused moment in time like many of Lehanneur's designs that inspires you to walk around the item curiously to decipher its unique story. 

To discover the full collection of designs and products, click to view the official Mathieu Lehanneur website. 

All images taken by Martyn White 

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