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Martyn White

Posted on August 03 2017

Magnet open their brand new concept kitchen showroom in Sutton to a host of new virtual reality content to help customers select and experience their perfect kitchen design.

As many of you will agree, the kitchen is the hardest room in the home to design. A space with multiple uses and a whole range of specifications that need to be carefully considered when looking to develop and design. Kitchens are becoming the central space for daily life, a place to socialise whilst preparing and cooking foods, storing ingredients whilst playing host to a plethora of appliances from coffee makers to ovens to help improve the quality of your daily routines. With this in mind, Magnet has produced a new concept showroom to help customers select a kitchen down to the finest detail and experience it first through the use of interactive technologies and virtual reality. During the opening of the showroom, I had the opportunity to visit and experience the new technologies for myself.

Magnet Kitchens New Concept Showroom SuttonGlowing kitchen shelving Magnet KitchensMagnet beautiful kitchen design inspiration

Virtual reality kitchen design

As I mention in the video, this is like playing the ultimate version of the Sims. Using the pad to the side of the model, customers enter the size details of their kitchen space with door and window locations for the model to calculate. Lighting up the desk top surface with the shape and size of the kitchen as a framework, it is time to select the cabinet sizes and appliances required by placing the models onto the floor plan as seen below. As the models are placed onto the glass surface, they immediately appear on the screen in a computer model to help customers visualise how the kitchen will look. With the pad, users can select and instantly see different worktop finishes, cabinet styles and handle designs appear before them. If this was not enough, a virtual reality head set allows customers to actually step into their kitchen design and have a walk around to make any changes that may not have been recognised on a traditional model.

VR Kitchen Modeller Magnet Kitchens Showroom LondonKitchen Model Virtual Reality experienceVirtual Reality Headset Magnet Kitchens

New concept showroom

The ease of planning and selection does not stop at virtual reality. The entire showroom has been remodelled to make comparing appliances, models and surfaces incredibly simple. Appliances, fixtures and fittings are not only displayed within the classic kitchen show spaces as before, they are now displayed together, allowing all ranges of taps, hobs, surfaces and finishes to be compared in real life, side by side. A personal favourite of mine was what I like to call the descriptive kitchen, a model kitchen that showcases the very best of design, informing visitors why it is so special. From integrated wine storage to pepper racks that appear at the press of a button, this informative space suggests concepts that might be the perfect solution to any awkward spaces or issues you may be having in your own home.

Magnet Kitchen appliance selectionMagnet Kitchens Hob SelectionMagnet Kitchens Sutton Showroom TourKitchen Unit Display Interactive Screens

When it is kitchen finishes that you are after, Magnet has yet another trick up their sleeve. Carefully positioned screens on the wall, advertising latest models, transform at the click of a button to become kitchen units. Using the interactive tablet, users can select any choice of finish and see it projected, life size onto the virtual kitchen units, allowing customers to see the full range to get a better understanding of the possibilities available to them.

From a couple of hours in the showroom testing out the technology for myself, I can already tell what a huge success it is going to be. As an interior designer, a large issue faced is a visual understanding of what the finished design will look like. Whilst it is easy for a designer to visualise it, it can become difficult for a client to see it. Technology such as this allows a customer to see and experience a space without having to build it first, confirming the customer's decisions whilst saving lots of money and time. The Sutton showroom is the first showroom with this technology in the UK but I am certain that it won't be too long before this becomes a staple in the design process.

For further details on the new concept showroom and to find out more from the brand, visit the official Magnet website. 


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