London Craft Week: Purdey

Martyn White

Posted on June 12 2017

During this year's London Craft Week, I visited James Purdey and Sons in Mayfair to explore an area of design that I had never considered or experienced before. Those that are unfamiliar with the brand, Purdey focuses on hunting, from guns and rifles to leather goods. Seeing the intricate metalwork detailing on the London Craft Week website, I was intregued as to what it was used for and how something so fine had been created.

Purdey metalwork detail gun platesPurdey London metalwork detailingPurdey London metalwork detailing demonstrationPurdey marquetry design casePurdey London guns

Upon reading more and visiting the store, I discovered that the detailed metalwork was decorative detailing for a rifle and the creation process was even more impressive than the design. Often drawn out onto large sheets of paper, a design is perfected before it is transferred over to the small sheet of metal that will eventually be placed on the rifle, close to the trigger. Using large magnifying glasses and a series of fine tools, the design is slowly carved out line by line into the metal. What can often take months to create only makes up a small part of the rifle but can add a huge amount of value as well as transforming an object into a work of art.

For further details on the brand, click to view the official Purdey website. Other highlights and events for this year's London Craft Week can be found on the Martyn White Designs highlights page by following the link.


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