London Craft Week: Meissen

Martyn White

Posted on June 11 2017

An iconic brand, know for its intricate, hand painted porcelain designs, I was thrilled to learn that Meissen would be showcasing their works at Asprey during this year's London Craft Week. If that was not enough, there was also a live painting demonstration for one of the latest collection designs to show visitors the incredible skills and craft that goes into each individual piece, skills that are vital to the survival of impressive brands such as Meissen.

Hand painted Meissen monkey figurines Meissen hand painted limited edition monkey London Craft WeekLimited edition hand painted Meissen monkey figurines

The Monkey Orchestra  is one of Meissen's longest running and most popular collection of collectable figurines. The Asprey Edition of the Monkey Orchestra on show during London Craft Week is a first for the brand and it's three hundred year history. For this collection, the Meissen heritage patterns have been applied to each of the figurines creating a beautiful connection between traditional and contemporary design. Meissen artists have worked closely with Asprey to select twenty one pattern variations from over six thousand that are available to create beautiful designs that span the entire history of the brand.

Meissen limited edition monkey figurinesFloral hand painted Meissen monkey figurineMeissen monkey figurines at Asprey London Craft Week

Other work on display from the company at Asprey was the Butterfly collection of teaware items in brand new pastel colours for Meissen. The collection further expands Meissen's presence into the contemporary market whilst remaining true to its ethos and history. One piece to note for its striking design was the four sided vase seen in the last image below with each side representing an entirely different scene and style.

Meissen pastel butterfly teasetMeissen butterfly teacup and saucer AspreyMeissen porcelain designs London Craft Week

For further details on the latest collections and designs, click to view the official Meissen website. The Asprey Monkey Orchestra and other exclusive items can also be found on the official Asprey London website. For highlights and other events attended during London Craft Week, including the Jonathan Harris collection of vases on display in the space, click to view the Marty White Designs highlights section.


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