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Martyn White

Posted on March 12 2017

Since transforming their flagship Belgravia showroom into a contemporary gallery space, LINLEY have gone on to showcase incredible designs and works from a range of talented artists and sculptors. Between 7th February to 26th March 2017, the brand will be exhibiting Journeys in Paper, a series of hand cut paper designs from Shannon Bartlett-Smith. 

Hand cut geometric paper artwork by Shannon Bartlett-Smith at LINLEYHand cut geometric shaped artwork from Shannon Bartlett-SmithBeautiful intricately cut paper art from Shannon Bartlett-Smith on display at LINLEY

Shannon studied Contemporary Crafts at Falmouth University where she developed a unique ability to combine hand cut paper techniques with the element of light and shadow to create delicate and mesmerisingly beautiful pieces. Each design represents a journey, both emotional and physical to which the viewer discovers as they move around and analyse each creation. The exhibition at LINLEY will include a large installation which tells a story of life from town to country, alongside a range of her other intricate works.

Beautiful hand cut artwork sculptures by Shannon Bartlett-SmithBeautiful hand cut artwork sculptures by Shannon Bartlett-SmithBeautiful hand cut artwork sculptures by Shannon Bartlett-Smith casting geometric shadows I had the pleasure of attending the opening of the exhibition to discover a bit more about Shannon's designs and I must say, the designs are even more impressive in person and that my photography could not possibly do Journeys In Paper the justice that it deserves. I love that something that appears so effortless and still could not be further from the reality. Eash design requires patience, a huge amount of time and a steady hand whilst the work relies on movement of those that view these pieces to appreciate full effect of the work. 

Do not forget to visit the exhibition at the LINLEY Belgravia showroom before 26th March. For further details on the artist, visit the Shannon Bartlett-Smith website, for current exhibition status and information, visit the LINLEY official website.



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