Lee Broom Showroom, New York

Martyn White

Posted on March 28 2018

Visiting the Lee Broom showroom on Greene Street, New York, to explore the collections and see the response to the brand in the USA. 

During my recent visit to New York, I had the opportunity to meet with some of the city's most exciting designers and brands. Whilst some were new, upcoming and homegrown, others were much more familiar with the London design scene, making their way across the Atlantic to exhibit their wonderful products to new markets. As many of you will already know, Lee Broom is one of these brands, opening a showroom stateside at the end of 2016, with a huge roar of approval. 

Lee Broom showroom New York with marble candle sticksLee Broom slice table lamp in the New York showroomLee Broom gold pendant lighting New York showroom

Located in the stylish and design orientated Soho neighbourhood, the showroom exhibits the best of Broom's designs in a simple space adorned with grey drapery fabric, contrasting beautifully to the often sculptural and glossy designs. Taking centre stage in the window was the beautiful collaboration between Broom and Wedgwood, reinterpreting the iconic Jasperware designs with bold colours and mesmerising stripes. The showroom visit was also the first opportunity that I have had to see the incredible Tanqueray No. TEN collaboration where Broom has crafted a limited edition Martini Glass as part of Tanqueray's 'Perfect Ten' campaign.  

Lee Broom Opticality striped pendant lampLee Broom Opticality striped table lampLee Broom Wedgwood collaboration New York showroom

Suspended high for passers-by to see was a collection of ten polished gold 'Fulcrum' pendant lights at varying heights. It is fascinating to see the 'Fulcrum' design transform in different lighting conditions, revealing another side to its ever-changing character. This particular design has also been crafted in a range of luxurious materials to create striking candlesticks in white and black marble as well as glass, each displaying a unique personality and form. 

Lee Broom Candle sticks and designs New York ShowroomLee Broom marble pendant lightingLee Broom marble and glassware collection

The Lee Broom showroom is a cross between a showroom and an art gallery with every item carefully positioned to be admired, individually and collectively. The materials of the accessories transform familiar and everyday objects into mesmerising works of art whilst the lighting designs challenge perceptions, producing forms that, at first glance, do not seem possible. It is this challenge and excitement that has always given me such admiration for Lee Broom and his designs and I am thrilled that the city of New York now gets to experience it for itself. 

For further details on any of the designs featured, the showroom, location and opening times, click to view the official Lee Broom website via the link.


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