Kit Kemp: Design Thread Book Launch

Martyn White

Posted on March 09 2019

Kit Kemp launches her latest book 'Design Thread' at the Ham Yard Hotel in London. 

Building upon the success of her two previous books 'A Living Space' and 'Every Room Tells a Story", Kit Kemp launches her highly anticipated third edition, titled 'Design Thread' which shares the same name as her hugely popular design blog. 

"My third book is about weaving together spaces that are dynamic and diverse in their own right, but with a thread of creative connection running through each and every one, creating a house or hotel that resonates as a harmonious whole."

Kit Kemp Launches New Interior Design Book 'Design Thread'Kit Kemp Launches New Interior Design Book 'Design Thread'Kit Kemp Launches New Interior Design Book 'Design Thread'Kit Kemp Launches New Interior Design Book 'Design Thread'

Design Thread journeys through recent projects completed by Kemp covering a multitude of property types from a house in the countryside, a city pied à Terre, Manhattan Hotel, Penthouse and even a beach bar, sharing with the reader the inspiration and processes that help achieve the desired style. 

Launched against the backdrop of the beautiful Ham Yard Hotel in central London, press, including myself were invited to celebrate the launch and get a personal insight into the creation of the book. 

Now with three books, an iconic collection of hotels under the Firmdale brand name, along with an impressive selection of home accessories, designs and collaborations, I look forward to seeing the empire expand as Kit inspires the world with her defining designs. 

For more information on the books and to view the full collection of designs available, click to view the official Firmdale shop website. 


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