Graham & Brown Visit: Day One

Martyn White

Posted on July 21 2016

It is not every day that you get to go behind the scenes to discover the processes of design and production for items that many of us use in our homes. This hidden story of development from an idea in someone's mind to a finished product that is shipped across the world is fascinating, one that makes you appreciate a company and design even more. When I was invited to take a look behind the scenes and one of the world's most famous wallpaper brands, there was no hesitation, it was something that I could not wait to explore and experience for myself.

Graham and Brown wallpaper showroom England

Over the two days, we were invited up to the headquarters of Graham and Brown in Blackburn. During our visit we would learn a little history of the brand, its influences and experience the whole design process from initial concept to the finished packaged product, ready for the public. We even had the chance to have a go at wallpapering ourselves, discovering just how easy it is to put up the very popular Superfresco Easy wallpaper range. 

3D wallpaper designs new from Graham & BrownLatest wallpaper trends from Graham & BrownWallpaper styles and designs from Graham & Brown

One of the most intriguing product discoveries of the day had to be the 3D style wallpaper, seen in the images above. These very clever designs are printed just like normal wallpaper but create the presence of a complex and sculptural design, transforming a simple wall into a striking work of art. I cannot wait to see these new designs used in the home, taking wallpaper designs to a new level.

Fashion dresses made entirely from wallpaperWallpaper dresses from Graham & BrownBlack skull wallpaper dress from Graham & Brown

It is refreshing to see an established and renowned company such as Graham & Brown constantly looking to evolve and challenge the perception of a product. Whilst many of us think we know wallpaper, even I was surprised to discover just how much it has changed in such a short space of time, from the density and finishes to the application itself.

As we were touring around the main building, we were given an example of just how the brand likes to challenge perceptions, presented in the form of fashion. Made entirely from wallpaper, these impressive dresses (displayed in the images above) were created by different designers, each creating a unique style. merging the beauty of the wallpaper prints with the elegance and style of fashion.

 Wallpaper application demonstration

The final part of our day at gave us the chance to put up wallpaper ourselves to experience just how simple and easy it was to apply the Superfresco Easy range. With pasted roller in one had and paper in the other, it was as simple as pasting the wall and placing the paper on it. Check out the video above to see how we got on. 

After an informative and fun day, it was time to sit back, relax and discuss our first day experiences within the luxurious surroundings of the Stanley House Hotel & Spa. I have always found the planning and production process incredibly interesting but there was something incredibly overwhelming about the vast range of products available at any one time. Whilst a roll of wallpaper may appear simple in form, my first day at Graham & Brown has definitely changed my perception of wallpaper. 

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