G . F Smith Workshop: Poppy Chancellor

Martyn White

Posted on April 27 2017

G . F Smith have been making headlines recently with a series of creative projects and installations all relating to colour and paper. Whilst the brand is on the hunt across the globe to discover the World's favourite colour, there are some things happening a little closer to home in their London showroom that I am delighted to share with you. London based illustrator and paper artist Poppy Chancellor opened the showroom doors to invite a lucky few to attend one of her exciting paper art classes where we were able to create our own art, get to know more about Poppy's work and explore the G . F Smith range of papers. 

G . F Smith Paper Installation London Worlds Favourite colour Wave of colour installation G F Smith

Sharing with us her experiences and portfolio of eye catching designs, Poppy took us through the processes that she follows when creating a piece of art. Whilst at first it may appear very simple, you soon realise that it takes a huge amount of patience and a steady hand to create a design as finely detailed as the expert. Everything down to the reversal of the design to stop drawing and edge marks being seen to the layout of a design that can hold itself as one piece needs to be considered before even taking the first cut. 

Paper ink colours G . F Smith LondonG F Smith Paper Workshop G F Smith paper showroom and installation spaceG F Smith paper rolls window display

The workshop also gave us the fantastic opportunity to explore the space and pieces on display. For anyone that has already visited the showroom and the many of us that are familiar with the brand, it is an installation downstairs that always starts the conversations. The ocean-themed installation in the White Gallery downstairs is named Tidal and was first presented at the Kyoorius Designyatra festival in Jaipur in September 2016. Made from hundreds of coloured papers rolled into towers of varying heights, the installation creates an abstract sea of colour that changes depending on where in the room you are and what angle you are viewing it from. See the video above for a tour around the space.

G F Smith Window Display LondonG F Smith Showspace LondonG.F Smith Showspace London Oxford Street

A second installation can be seen in the windows of the shop at ground floor level. Continuing the same theme, the colourful paper rolls have been suspended in the air to create a wave caught in motion which stops many passers by, resulting in them taking photos and admiring the art. 

The workshop and show space both demonstrate the amazing qualities of something that many of us take for granted. Whether we are writing on it or reading from it, paper still to this day has so many uses in our daily lives. In all of the crazy and commotion that is often attached to our lives, it is so lovely to sit back and appreciate something that is so simple and beautiful, something that we really should not take for granted. 

Click for further details on Poppy Chancellor, her designs and her latest book via her official website. For details on G . F Smith and any of their products, click to be taken to the official website for the brand. 


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