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Martyn White

Posted on June 11 2018

During London Craft Week, FBC London hosted "The Alchemy of Glass" showcasing the beautiful works by Marco Tullio Siviglia and Rebecca Rowland-Chandler.

During the 2018 edition of London Craft Week, FBC London hosted an insightful talk 'Meet Our Makers' where they invited Marco Tullio Siviglia and Rebecca Rowland-Chandler to discuss the alchemical techniques that bring colour, form and light into their work. Showcasing their incredible glass and ceramic sculptures for visitors to see and even purchase, I take a closer look at the designs and the FBC London showroom located on Pimlico Road.

Fiona Barratt Showroom Pimlico RoadFiona Barratt Showroom Pimlico RoadFiona Barratt Showroom Pimlico Road

I was blown away by the beauty of both designers work, each creating entirely different forms to add beauty to the home. My favourite collection was Siviglia's 'Frida Opuntia' as seen in the top two images, a collection of three vessels drawing inspiration from the primeval forces of the mineral, botanical and animal worlds working from a mixture of mediums; clay, glass and metal oxides. These incredibly natural forms give reference to roots, cacti, seeds and fruits, designs that come alive as one walks around and absorbs the colour changes in the light. 

Rebecca Rowland-Chandler's 'Honeystones' can be seen in the image directly above, focusing on the Hunstanton Cliffs in Norfolk, exploring the patterns created in the sedimentary rocks and the mesmerising angular and rugged forms. These fantastic pieces have been created by layering glass sheets on top of one another in a mould, applying colour separately with days of polishing to reach the desired level of transparency. The results, a unique creation that appears to have been cut from a precious stone after thousands of years of creation. 

Fiona Barratt Showroom Pimlico RoadFiona Barratt Showroom Pimlico Road LightingFiona Barratt Showroom Pimlico Road Home Accessories

The London Craft Week talk was also a fantastic opportunity to explore the rest of the FBC showroom to discover the other luxurious displays on show from contemporary lighting to furniture designs and other home accessories. A piece that immediately caught my attention was the 'Misce' collection of vases, one seen directly above; a vessel crafted from glass, brass and completed with a timber lip to create an unfamiliar form that combines the beauty of nature with the structure of the man-made world. 

Set out over two floors, the FBC London showroom on Pimlico is a treasure trove of luxurious and organic design. Constantly changing, every visit unearths a new level of contemporary opulence. 

For further details on the showroom and any designs featured in this post, click to view the official FBC London website via the link. 


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