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Martyn White

Posted on August 06 2017

Anna Monich hosts "Contrasts that Work" at the Timothy Langston showroom, showcasing a multi-sensory event, combining antiques with fashion, scent and contemporary design.

During a beautiful June evening, Anna Monich hosted her Contrasts that Work event at the Timothy Langston fine art and antiques showroom on Pimlico Road. Monich created a multi-sensory experience within two spaces of the showroom, combining antique design with contemporary fashion, music and bespoke scent. In the first room, guests were treated to the sound of house music, played on a set of decks located on top of an antique chest. The room was filled with beautiful floral displays, showcasing vibrant rich tones set against the elegant and decorative finishes of the surrounding antique designs.

Timothy Langstone Antiques and Fine Art Blue flowers on display at Timothy Langston Pimlico RoadTimothy Langston Shop Window Pimlico Road

Women's clothing designer Judy Wu showcased her work in a series of mannequin displays, injecting a futuristic and colourful vibe that had been inspired by the works of late architect, Zaha Hadid. This element of fashion was also applied directly to the home in a more literal sense with Monich styling oversized and colourful buckle belts into the displays, wrapping them around vases and ornaments to embrace the strong connection and influence between fashion and interior design. These striking displays were able to merge traditional and modern design by extracting colours from one another to display a unity of style.

Contrasting fashion and artScented candle on display at the Contrasts that Work eventAntique vase with modern beltVintage oil painting portrait

The second room focused on the element of scent as well as being the destination for guests to access and interact with the fashion designs, sampling items and becoming part of the experience themselves. Located centrally between the two accessory displays and in front of an incredibly beautiful gold vintage mirror was a multi level display table creating perfect symmetry to the room. This stand contained a huge array of multi coloured swatch fabrics, mirroring the colours of the surrounding objects and cleverly containing a bespoke scent to tantalise the senses, given to guests upon departure to continue the sensory experience at home.

Modern fashion with antique furnitureAntique bust Timothy Langston AntiquesChampagne bucketRed floral display against gold and greyIt was such a fantastic event and I am so glad that I was able to be part of it. Living in London we are lucky enough to be exposed to a world of culture on our door step, creating an incredible melting pot of passion, style and creativity. Contrasts that Work showcased exactly that and why London is at the forefront of the design world, embracing the diverse cultures of design. Whilst many people tend to shy away from combining contemporary and traditional design as they perceive it to be too complex and challenging, Anna Monich has shared within her own Interior Design projects and events that, with the correct understanding and application, these results can be incredibly impressive.

For further information on any of the brands and designers involved in the Contrasts that Work event, please see the following: Timothy Langston -  Fine Arts and Antiques, Wild at Heart - florist, Judy Wu - women’s clothing designer and Whisper lifestyle concierge.The event was organised by Anna Monich, Interior Designer to communicate and showcase her design style and aesthetic.



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